Cup of the Americas/Copa de las Americas '23

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It may seem hard to believe, but Canada never placed in the top three spots in our first five Cup of the Americas tournaments. It didn't even make the playoff rounds! Even though Canada won our first World Cup in 2002, the "Americas" was as messy as maple syrup on poutine. But someone came along to change all that - a Crown Award winner and Hair Fan's Hall of Fame member. Hallmark Channel actress Brooke D'Orsay made it feel like Christmas in July for Canadian Hair Fans, by coasting to the 2023 title!

D'Orsay only had four votes against her in the entire tournament (one of those in National Qualifying). She mashed Mexico's Fernanda Hernandez Martin in the finals with a shutout win. One supporter was inspired to rewrite part of the national anthem: "O Canada! Brooke hair is just so grand!" We suspect support for her truly came "from far and wide."

The Consolation Final for third place also went to a Crown Award winner. Bianca Marques of Brazil bounced Michelle Marie Colon of Puerto Rico, also with a shutout, to earn a guaranteed spot in Super-Hair World Cup VII. Because the defending champion U.S. had a terrible tournament, fourth-place does NOT earn Puerto Rico a World Cup spot.

We searched for the most oustanding hairstyles in the Western Hemisphere (North America, South America, Caribbean) - with only ONE woman representing each country. After a month of open nominations, a live draw for groups and two National Qualifying Weeks, group play turned out this way...


CANADA: BROOKE D'ORSAY. The TV-movie star and Hair Fan's Hall of Fame member defeated Marie Avgeropoulos in National Qualifying, then steamrolled from there as few women in our tournaments have.

Canada 15 points, Cuba (Ana de Armas) 10, Argentina (Agostina Bigotti) 1, Nicaragua (Ana Navarro) 1.


MEXICO: FERNANDA HERNANDEZ MARTIN. A daughter of immigrants and TV news anchor in Shreveport, Louisiana won a four-way qualifying contest, then led what turned into an unpredictable group.

Mexico 10 points, Colombia (Shakira) 5, Dominican Republic (Sonalii Castillo) 5, United States (Kerri Corrado) 3.


BRAZIL: BIANCA MARQUES. A singer and four-time Crown Award winner who defeated Mia Mamede in national qualifying, then won a decisive Match 6.

PUERTO RICO: MICHELLE COLON. A Miss Universe contestant, former Top Ten Tresses member and budding actress gained the playoff "wild card" entry by fractions of winning percentage over Cuba.

Brazil 11 points, Puerto Rico 10, Honduras (Ana Jurka) 2, Jamaica (Alexis Nunes) 0.


1. Canada... 2. United States... 3. India... 4. Belgium... 5. Thailand

6. South Korea... 7. England... 8. Belarus... 9. Brazil... 10. Australia

11. China... 12. Puerto Rico... 13. Japan... 14. Scotland... 15. Iceland

For the complete match schedule and results, click here.

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