The Hair Fans' Hall of Fame

We began the Hair Fans' Hall of Fame in 2002 to let visitors honor what they consider the greatest styles of modern times. A wide range of candidates was offered for the Class of 2008 -- and after three weeks of open voting among five finalists, we welcome three new members into your Hall!

LORI LOUGHLIN - INDUCTED. The biggest struggle this TV actress faced here was how to properly spell her last name. She breezed to a 90-percent majority, praised by a voter for hair that's "gorgeous.... shiny and bouncy...."

MAUREEN O'HARA - INDUCTED. In perhaps the Hall of Fame's biggest surprise to date, a movie star from the mid-20th-century won 71 percent of the vote. People who watched her in classic films such as The Quiet Man said she has the "best head of red hair ever."

JESSICA SIMPSON - INDUCTED. Success in the first year of Super-Hair Wars and a Crown Award photo-finish loss in 2006 gave this singer and actress a strong start. She faded down the stretch like boyfriend/quarterback Tony Romo, but rallied at the wire for exactly two-thirds support: 67 percent of the vote.

ROBIN MEADE. The CNN Headline News anchor was the only Crown Award winner among the finalists. Yet despite praise for being "always lush, always classy, always well coiffed," she amazingly misses the Hall of Fame by one vote for a second time with 66-percent support.

KIM KARDASHIAN. Cable TV viewers may enjoy Keeping Up with her long hair, but 58 percent support fell short of the required two-thirds majority.

FINAL VOTE TOTALS: Loughlin 43-5, O'Hara 30-12, Simpson 30-15, Meade 33-17, Kardashian 28-20.

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Photo credits: Meade courtesy Reporter Caps; O'Hara courtesy iOffer.

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