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NAME: Rohinie Bisesar

WHO IS SHE: Canadian financial adviser with an MBA degree, currently charged in a deadly Toronto stabbing

HER STYLE: Professional-looking shoulder-length sidepart; has shown bangs at times, but apparently not now

WHY WE LIKE IT: Perfectly-groomed thick strands of hair always get our interest. Even more so when they're on a jail mugshot, where hair simply isn't supposed to look that nice. A security camera picture during the search for her suggested a brisk walk doesn't move this style at all; in fact, our photo from LinkedIn is about the loosest we've seen of her hair.

SUPER-HAIR? Only a few pictures of her seem to exist online, and they all show her styles in great shape. But considering the trouble she's in, the ultimate answer may rest in the hands of fellow jail inmates. We offer our sympathies to the family of victim Rosemarie Junor. But for the moment, the “Hair Court” finds this suspect innocent until proven guilty. [Posted 12/26/15]

NAME: Ree Drummond

WHO IS SHE: Better known online as “The Pioneer Woman,” sharing tips on everything from cooking and crafts to farm animals from an Oklahoma ranch; gaining fame on Food Network and with a cookware line at Walmart

HER STYLE: Medium-long with folded waves; plenty of spray seems to be added for hold

WHY WE LIKE IT: Careful hold seems to matter with her – and since she's based in Oklahoma, it's vital. So the waves are folded back and sometimes thrown back behind her shoulders; any pinning is rare and discreet.

SUPER-HAIR? When an image search brings up as many food products as pictures of this woman, it's hard to answer. But to be honest, both the dishes and tresses look almost flawless – so we'll give her a qualified yes. At least until the next thunderstorm comes rolling across the Oklahoma plains. [Posted 12/10/15]

NAME: Melissa Benoist

WHO IS SHE: Actress starring in the TV drama Supergirl

HER STYLE: Long-to-the-logo sidepart, with hints of natural wave

WHY WE LIKE IT: Our superhero ties her hair back at the magazine, so almost no one can figure out who she is. But when it's time for action, the pins come off and this long hair is as natural and exposed as her muscles. In some dramatic scenes, we'd think severe wind would drop the hair across her face with ease – yet she's often figured out ways to keep it going back behind her shoulders with her cape.

SUPER-HAIR? That's the bizarre thing about this character. While the long hair can stay relatively in place during fights and wrestling matches with jetliners, slight breezes in more relaxed settings brought it across her eyes with ease in early episodes. A “Super-Girl” with perfect Super-Hair – is that really asking for too much? [Posted 11/26/15]

NAME: Kim Carson

WHO IS SHE: Morning radio co-host in Chattanooga, TN; occasional co-host on local TV talk shows

HER STYLE: Medium-long sidepart, enhanced by added waves and curls

WHY WE LIKE IT: With apologies to Nashville, this hair is “big and rich.” There's volume and thickness, which the curls only make better. Add some spray to her right side and plenty of Hair Fans are ready to reach for it. (Well, OK, they might not wait for the spray.)

SUPER-HAIR? As lovely as it is, we're sad to say no. Her Facebook account includes a few pictures where hair has blown across her face. But this is one of those women which make you wonder why they're hiding a marvelous mane inside a radio station, where admirers seldom can see it. C'mon, let's livestream a little. [Posted 11/14/15]

NAME: Jenna Rosenstein

WHO IS SHE: Senior Beauty Editor of Allure magazine, appearing often in online videos

HER STYLE: Recently trimmed from mid-length to a shoulder-scraping bob; dominating bangs across the forehead

WHY WE LIKE IT: We say “dominating” as a compliment, because they're attention-getting in a good way. They come across as strong, filling the forehead with thickness at their best. And they serve their purpose of keeping longer hair out of her face – although she temptingly leaves the door open for that to happen, as the bangs aren't cut as deeply as others we've seen.

SUPER-HAIR? We were all set to shout YES.... until. Until we found an online article on dry shampoo, which she dared to make a GIF file. We're assuming someone turned on a fan off-screen to her right, which blew her short style into her right eye with little resistance. That's too bad, because this is captivating hair (especially with some length; the cut admittedly saddened us). She has access to the best styling products on Earth, which help. Her magazine once noted she's a Zooey Deschanel lookalike – and we think that's a great thing. [Posted 10/30/15]

NAME: Kathleen Monk

WHO IS SHE: Strategist for Canada's New Democratic Party; Senior Advisor with Broadbent Institute

HER STYLE: Mid-length, parted a bit off-center; we spotted her on CBC's The National with a mix of wave and curl from the ears down

WHY WE LIKE IT: Her hair is thick enough that when the wave is added, it looks strong and holds that way. We're not sure if spray was added for this appearance. If she does, that adds to the lasting quality of the look. But she uses her ears for protection, if as if she doesn't.

SUPER-HAIR? We don't endorse candidates or political parties, simply hairstyles – and she gets a qualified endorsement from us. She needs the waves to be sure of strong hold. We've seen photos of serious drooping when they're lacking - not completely down, but very close. If only more political hairstyles had unwavering positions.... [Posted 10/15/15]

NAME: Olivia Deas

WHO IS SHE: TV news anchor in Montgomery, AL

HER STYLE: Mid-length and high-volume, with curl used from flipped sidepart bangs to round-brushing around the ears and rolls at the ends

WHY WE LIKE IT: The Hair Fan who calls her a “beauty” noted we'd found great hair in other parts of Alabama. But we were unaware of this woman in the state capital, and her willingness to have a “big Southern” style might top all the rest. She doesn't use her ears or shoulders for control and protection very often. While the long hair bounces perfectly, even through workout routines during her morning newscast, the strong flip with the short bangs is critical to overall hold. If it fails, her hair drops in her eye to defeat – but it doesn't.

SUPER-HAIR? From what we've seen, the answer is a very enthusiastic yes. Her hold during “Fitness Fridays” shows she knows how to keep high-risk hair in line, even through high degree-of-difficulty routines. She challenges other women to go big with their styles or go home. Thanks for another great discovery! [Posted 9/18/15]

NAME: Gina Torres

WHO IS SHE: Actress currently seen on the USA Network series Suits (and you may not know she's the wife of actor Laurence Fishburne)

HER STYLE: In her TV role, medium-long and relatively straight; away from the set, seemingly naturally curled

WHY WE LIKE IT: The Hair Fan who suggested her fears she might use extensions on TV, “but her hair looks great.” She keeps her styles away from her face through a good bit of teasing around the forehead – but there's enough soft curl from the shoulders down to distract people from analyzing that.

SUPER-HAIR? We thought so, both with the TV drama look and the curly side. The Suits approach reminds us a bit of one of our “Ultimate” women, Kathleen Bradley. That's good. Yet accomplishing consistent hold with two very different styles cannot be an easy task. She appeared to be doing it – but as soon as we posted her here, we found a Twitter picture with her hair in an eye while lying down. That's a shame. [Posted 9/4/15; updated 9/18/15]

NAME: Stephanie Olmo

WHO IS SHE: Meteorologist for AccuWeather TV; occasional appearances on ABC World News Now

HER STYLE: Long sidepart; currently on the straight side after being curly in years past

WHY WE LIKE IT: The Hair Fan who suggested her didn't offer any details, but she seems to take an all-natural approach to her hair. Her key to success appears to be teasing, which likely is supported by light spray around the crown.

SUPER-HAIR? From what we've seen, it is. And as long as she does her work in a studio, it's likely to be. But if she's sent out to cover tropical storms – well, that's a wind test we'd want to see. Thanks for another good find! [Posted 8/21/15]

NAME: Kim Sears

WHO IS SHE: Wife of British tennis star Andy Murray

HER STYLE: Medium-long “blowout,” based on what other hair-watching sites say

WHY WE LIKE IT: She easily distracts Hair Fans away from her husband's matches, with flowing bouncy looks. She can quickly put the hair behind her ears if the tension on the court mounts – even if it removes some of the tension for Hair Fans. When she's at Wimbledon and “Princess Kate” Middleton shows up, many people consider it a hair battle on the order of Federer v. Nadal.

SUPER-HAIR? Flowing hair like this absolutely asks for trouble in terms of hold, especially at outdoor matches. And indeed, a few photographers have snapped her with hair drooping into one of her eyes. But any woman who inspires people to talk about hair fights should have our respect – and she does. [Posted 8/9/15]

NAME: Betty Liu

WHO IS SHE: Anchor of Bloomberg Business TV's In the Loop

HER STYLE: Sideparted long layers, at its best with added curl on both sides (shame on Bloomberg for all those added graphics, covering part of it)

WHY WE LIKE IT: The Hair Fan who recommended her marvels that it's “so full and rich and well styled.” That visitor admittedly isn't sure if she's “puffing it up more” lately or adding extensions. It's certainly a few inches longer, which allows the waves to stand out more – and we think that makes them more effective.

SUPER-HAIR? Sadly, we must say no. A Facebook picture she posted of a shorter style confirms wind can, and has, blown it into her eyes. But we agree her current look is fabulous – and if you don't mind hair that can drop once in a while, she certainly has some to admire. [Courtesy; posted 7/24/15]

NAME: Nahomi Kawasumi

WHO IS SHE: Winger for the Women's World Cup finalist Japanese U.S. national team, as well as the WNSL Seattle Reign

HER STYLE: Mid-length with a hint of natural wave and moderately full bangs

WHY WE LIKE IT: She strikes us as a woman who could take this style onto the pitch unpinned and keep it out of her eyes – even though the bangs are not cut that deeply. The long hair has a long way to go to get in her eyes. But she ties it back during matches, anyway – and the bangs clearly are not an issue for her, as they seldom appear when she's on the grounds.

SUPER-HAIR? Close, but not quite. An image search found one photo where a strip of hair somehow slipped under her headband during a game and dropped across an eye. But we give her credit for having one of the best heads of hair in women's soccer today. At the 2011 FIFA World Cup it was a short quasi-shag – and she's now grown it out to a style that's still attractive, yet a bit less dangerous. She tops the U.S. team in that regard, including teammate “Super Solo.” [Posted 7/10/15]

NAME: Alexis Krause

WHO IS SHE: Actress who's appeared in TV series such as Secret Girlfriend; currently getting our attention as the “Freeze It” girl in a Discover Card commercial

HER STYLE: Bust-line long and center-parted, with plenty of waves from the eyes down

WHY WE LIKE IT: This style is an amazing combination - jaw-dropping beauty, magnificent bounce and all-around hold. The left side almost flexes into her eye at the start of the ad (compare the first and second times you see her face). But from there, this head of hair simply cannot be stopped – whether she bends down almost to her waist, or hurries to find what she's after (we won't give away the ending). It's flexible strength at its finest.

SUPER-HAIR? She's had close calls in several TV appearances. But we couldn't find any where her hair has dropped – and other commercials she's done show her hair clearly is a strength. May more women develop styles that “freeze it” to perfection like hers. [Posted 6/26/15]

NAME: Tara Joshi

WHO IS SHE: Actress who has appeared in movies such as The Metronome and English Butler; currently emceeing View Dance Challenge events across Canada

HER STYLE: Mid-length near-center part; likely strength but with subtle wave added

WHY WE LIKE IT: The Hair Fan who discovered her declared her look “very soft looking, luxurious....” We think she uses spray to keep this style looking strong. But it's the sort of style which makes you want to reach for it to find out.

SUPER-HAIR? At the length we're showing, it might be. But with length and probably less spray, it's not. A March picture she posted on Facebook proves it. Thank you for this contender, but she proves some women commit to perfect hair more than others. [Posted 6/13/15]

NAME: Greta Brawner

WHO IS SHE: Host of Washington Journal on the C-SPAN cable network

HER STYLE: Currently displaying a “lob” - a long bob, reaching a couple of inches below the shoulders with a bit of layering close to the eyes.

WHY WE LIKE IT:You can't improve perfection,” declared the Hair Fan who suggested her – adding the style is shiny with “no highlights that I can tell.” The pictures we've seen of this look lead us to believe she uses hairspray to maintain that perfection. Yet this looks like hair that could flex without falling, if she goes lighter with the spray.

SUPER-HAIR? We found nothing to show a drop to defeat, even when the hair was longer. So our answer is yes. And in fact, we think her current approach is the best and strongest she's had since starting at C-SPAN – and the only way it's likely to weaken outside the studio is if a Washington party on a Saturday night gets far out of line. [Posted 5/29/15]

NAME: Tina Desai

WHO IS SHE: Actress in commercials in India, as well as “Bollywood” films; best known for a role in The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

HER STYLE: The Hair Fan who suggested her attached our photo, with medium-long hair that's daringly sideparted with teasing. But we think that's misleading, because she also shows curly looks which seem to be more natural.

WHY WE LIKE IT: “Gorgeous, very thick, lustrous,” that Hair Fan told us. We agree, especially with our photo – and we actually that processing looks better on her than the natural curls, which can be messy-looking.

SUPER-HAIR? Sorry, she's not. She's posed for several steamy photos with long hair covering one of her eyes. But we'd enjoy watching her hair battle a breeze, the way it's set in our picture. Teasing tests can be dramatic at times – perhaps even more dramatic than Bollywood movies. [Posted 5/16/15]

NAME: Hannah Allam

WHO IS SHE: Reporter for McClatchy newspapers, based in Washington

HER STYLE: We noticed her current mid-length sideparted curls; she's taken it straight at times as well

WHY WE LIKE IT: She doesn't seem to tie her hair down or pin it back, and only rarely tucks it behind an ear. So these curls are out for all to see – and she often carries them well. When they're at their best, they're perfectly “defined” in well-rounded shape. When they're a bit weaker (perhaps like our vidcap from a PBS talk show), they leave Hair Fans wondering. What would it take to bring them down completely – both in flatness, and into her right eye?

SUPER-HAIR? She would probably say no. But we found no pictures to prove that, so she gets a “benefit of the doubt” yes from us. It's too bad she's focused her career on newspapers, because these are curls we'd want to see on TV – a lot. [Posted 5/1/15]

NAME: CariDee English

WHO IS SHE: Fashion model who won America's Next Top Model in 2007; currently getting attention for a prescription drug commercial

HER STYLE: Layered shoulder-length sidepart; the commercial reveals she clearly wears extensions at times

WHY WE LIKE IT: When the hair is well-prepared as in this commercial vidcap (what is she selling again?!), she has solid curls that can hold up to studio lights and perhaps even breezy beach scenes. But based on other pictures, preparation is the key; when it's not there, she's vulnerable.

SUPER-HAIR? Her Twitter page will give you an immediate answer. It has a full-flying picture of her drumming, and long hair covers her eyes. But we think that length beats the short cuts she once had. And we're sure some Hair Fans would want to get her style in such a precarious situation – although in most cases, that probably would be difficult. [Posted 4/17/15]

NAME: Tina Roy

WHO IS SHE: Senior at the University of South Carolina; backup guard for the Southeast Regional champion women's basketball team; budding rapper/songwriter

HER STYLE: Short layered sidepart, with the back stopping at the nape of the neck

WHY WE LIKE IT: Even national sports reporters are marveling about how well this style stays in line under playoff pressure. We think it's because there are similarities to the wedge made famous by Dorothy Hamill. If the shorter layers are deeply cut, a bounce forward is unlikely to put the hair at risk of getting into her eyes. And if she sprays or mousses the style before games (we don't know if she does), the hair is even more likely to hold securely.

SUPER-HAIR? This vid-cap is the closest call we've seen for her. Turning her head in full running stride during a game only brings a few bangs across the forehead. If that's the limit of her hair mussing, we give this woman an absolute yes. In an era when ponytails and stacked topknots seem to dominate college sports, this is a wonderfully refreshing change for Hair Fans. A Final Four appearance and flat-out perfection leads us to jump the “B.M.O.C.” order, and put her here. [Posted 4/3/15]

NAME: Felicity Jones

WHO IS SHE: Actress who received award nominations for the movie The Theory of Everything

HER STYLE: Currently shoulder-length, with very flexible bangs (we prefer them down across the forehead)

WHY WE LIKE IT: Her styles tend to be very well polished, even when they're styled to look a bit messy. The only strands which seem to go out of place are those bangs, and they're not long enough to put any style in danger of collapse.

SUPER-HAIR? A couple of windblown photo shoots have pushed long strands to the utter brink – but still not into her eyes. So she gets a “yes” from us for now. If Zooey Deschanel's bangs really are on the way out, we may have found a fabulous replacement. [Photo courtesy Business Insider; posted 3/20/15]

NAME: Dakota Johnson

WHO IS SHE: Actress gaining fame as a star of the movie Fifty Shades of Grey

HER STYLE: Mid-length or longer, parted around the center; usually showing fringe-y light bangs

WHY WE LIKE IT: While the bangs are not the most perfect going, they do what they're intended to do: make room for her thick styles to shine. She can go straight or display waves with equal attractiveness – often close enough to the eyes to invite Hair Fans to reach forward.

SUPER-HAIR? We're sorry to say the answer is no. She's posed for a few pictures where the hair drooped (or was self-pushed) into her eyes. There's nothing wrong with styles like hers – but for us, strong control simply moves them up to another Super-level. [Posted 3/7/15]

NAME: Andi Dorfman

WHO IS SHE: Former Assistant District Attorney in Atlanta; much better known as The Bachelorette of the 2014 TV season

HER HAIR: Medium-long, usually center-parted with a hint of wave

WHY WE LIKE IT: Precision. She seems to strive for it with her hair, and she regularly pulls it off – adding wave or curl in exactly the right spots when necessary to add holding strength. It seems to be a rare day when she pins back or even tucks back her hair.

SUPER-HAIR? We were all set to say yes – but then we rolled down on her Twitter feed to a summer day in Milwaukee. Too much wind sadly blew up her normally-perfect hair. But if we could give her a rose for trying very hard to have it, we would. And we apologize to her for putting her here long after she was in the TV spotlight. [Posted 2/21/15]

NAME: Paulina Vega

WHO IS SHE: Miss Universe 2014-15, from Colombia

HER STYLE: Mostly medium-long with a variety of wave, but with shoulder-length strips close to her eyes; she showed a slightly off-center part during the pageant

WHY WE LIKE IT: Plenty of bounce, yet solid hold when it counts. She knows how to toss and turn her hair, without going too far with it – and we say the more waves, the better. Like Miss America below, her hair seems Diana Prince-vulnerable when it's straight.

SUPER-HAIR? We think it is. Her style seemed to last from start to finish on pageant night under the floodlights, and through the follow-up interviews on TV. This woman and her hair remind us a lot of former Miss Universe Olivia Culpo – which means she has the potential to drive Hair Fans wild. [Posted 2/7/15]

NAME: Kira Kazantsev

WHO IS SHE: Miss America 2015, from New York

HER STYLE: Medium-long sidepart; we say it's better wavy/curled than straight

WHY WE LIKE IT: The duties of her crown require her to face all kinds of situations, from outdoor events to hot indoor television lights. Her styles seem to stay strong through all of them. The waves may weaken, but they're lasting long enough to make it through events without dropping completely.

SUPER-HAIR? We admittedly watched and waited several months to pass judgment on this woman, in part because some Miss Americas have burned us by wearing extensions. We don't think she's wearing them – and she's passing test after test in public. So we'll say yes for now. But we suspect one of her “straight-hair” days could do her in. [Posted 1/25/15]

NAME: Nikki Rouleau

WHO IS SHE: Host on Jewelry Television

HER STYLE: Medium-long sidepart with cheekbone-long “bangs” on either side

WHY WE LIKE IT: Based on the pictures we've seen, she likes her hair precise. Our photo from her Facebook page actually shows a daring look for her, as the grown-out bangs around her right eye look like they could fall at any moment. There must be some kind of mousse used to prevent that.

SUPER-HAIR? We admittedly don't shop for jewelry much, so we haven't seen her in action often on TV. The photo evidence indicates she has it (and we personally think her curled styles are better), so we'll give her an answer of yes. But for someone who supposedly has been a shopping host for years, we're surprised there's not much of an online track record in terms of pictures or videos. Are the diamonds on her channel that distracting? [Posted 1/10/15]

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