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March 2005: Bangs Swept Away

A recent issue of a fashion magazine revealed one secret celebrities use for hair control: they have bangs added to their styles in the fall, to provide room for flexibility from winter winds. But as Spring approaches in North America, we're noticing what could be a "second season" for bangs -- and a very obvious trend in how women are wearing them.

VANESSA FURLITO brought us face-to-face with this trend on the February 23 CSI: New York. Her long thick hair suddenly had added bangs -- and she wore them in a sidepart format, with the bangs swept to the opposite side of the part (from her left to right, in this case).

Here's the "before" look Furlito showed in earlier episodes - a center-part which was very risky, because she relied on long hair staying behind her shoulders and her ears. (It didn't always stick there, but she adjusted well to keep hair out of her face.) The added bangs put a bit less pressure on those areas. The amount of "risk reduction" in the style depends on how deeply the bangs are cut.

MELISSA McDERMOTT of CBS News seemed to spend months developing this look, to get it exactly right. This March 2005 vid-cap shows side-swept bangs holding well, even when she tilts her head in a direction which might drop them down in her right eye. (We suspect some spray helps ensure that hold.) A bit of light flip-curling with shoulder-length hair gives an impression of an overall sweeping appearance.

Here's the McDermott "work in progress" from December 2004, with the hair a bit shorter. It was still impressive enough for Hair Fans to earn her a Crown Award nomination for Best Bangs.


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