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"If the weather changes my hair starts growing like a Chia Pet, depending on the humidity." - Julianna Margulies on the CBS Late Show, 26 Feb 15

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Cutting-Edge Hair News - Not to be outdone by co-star Christina Hendricks, January Jones has taken her blonde hair a bit red. Are you giving her, well, razz-berries for this change? (Results updated 3/29/15)

Cutting Edge Hair News

January Jones's hair is better....

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Super-Hair Wars - Our classic matchups, as top styles compete head-to-head. Congratulations to Kylene Cochrane, our latest undefeated champion! (Updated 3/26/15)

BMOC: Best Manes on Campus - Seeking outstanding hairstyles at colleges and universities. This former state champion still competes with the best styles on a college campus in the South. (Updated 3/25/15)

Super-Hair City League - Waves get the attention of Hair Fans along the Texas Gulf coast, as this woman wins a local title. Our search now returns to spring blossoms in Tennessee. (Updated 3/23/15)

The Hot List - Brief reviews of women with great styles. This British actress received a lot of nominations during "award season," but does her hair meet our Super-Hsir standard? (Updated 3/20/15)

Top Ten Tresses - Our ratings of the world's best, updated twice a month. Basketball star Sue Bird is a member of our Top Ten. (Updated 3/18/15)

The 15th Annual Crown Awards - The Winners! Your votes decided the best hairstyles of the year. Victoria Azarenka wins two Crowns to move into second place all-time - but she wasn't perfect. (Updated 3/12/15)

Super-Hair Cup of the Americas - Nominations Close 8 Apr! This year's international tournament seeks outstanding styles across the Western Hemisphere. Offer your candidates and go "Cup-Crazy!" (Updated 3/6/15)

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Hair Attachments - Links to other interesting web sites relating to hair, organized by category for easy reference. (Updated 3/3/15)

Hair Pressure - Plenty of women come under a hair microscope on a red carpet. This host dared to put her shoulder-length style to a couple of tests. Did it survive? Watch the drama that can happen when heads of Super-Hair face ultimate challenges. (Updated 2/26/15)

The Ultimate 50 - Our countdown of the greatest celebrity Super-Hair of the 70's, 80's and 90's. Our 2014 updates of undefeated styles concluded with the top Ultimate of all.

OTHER COUNTDOWNS: Project 20/10 (2000-09)

Hair Headlines - Why would anyone use a toothbrush on their hair? In some cases, it might bring a more perfect style. We link to an article about that, and offer other articles on a wide range of hair-related topics.


Let Your Hair Down - Speak your "hair piece" about style topics at our free moderated message board. One current topic involves the hair of Kristin Chenoweth.

The Fallen - Which heads of hair are not Super-Hair? We keep track, and post styles which have dropped to defeat -- such as this closely-watched newlywed.

The Hair Fans' Hall of Fame - Your votes decide who should be inducted in your hall of the greatest hairstyles of our time. Jennifer Love Hewitt is a Hall of Fame member.

Style Profile - Wings are not simply "for the birds." They can add beauty and hold to top hairstyles. Check some examples of how they work, and read our tributes to other outstanding kinds of styles.

Super-Hair Q&A - New Interview Shortly! Dozens of interviews searching for secrets of tress success.

Hair Watch - In-depth studies of great hair in daily action; as mentioned by Sharyn Alfonsi on ABC's "NightLine" in 2011.

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