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We opened the Hair Fans' Hall of Fame in 2002 to let visitors honor what they consider the greatest styles of modern times. In 2009, we received a record 21 nominations. But when we trimmed the field to five finalists, an amazing outcome occurred - as none of the five received the required two-thirds majority to enter the Hall. That's never happened before, and "tops" (for lack of a better word) the induction of Bonnie Bernstein as the first and only member of the Hall in 2002.

What did our finalists in? Judging from the comments left by voters, there may have been an organized protest by supporters of another woman. Boston TV reporter Victoria Warren was nominated, but not selected by us as a finalist. "She's dominated this site more than any other woman in the past year and has quite a growing following," one backer of "Queen Victoria" complained. We preferred finalists whose styles have more of a historical record -- but protesters called it a "travesty" that the field was limited to five.


ELLE MacPHERSON. Only weeks after winning the AAA Cup for Australia, the supermodel landed an acting role in a new TV drama during the Hall of Fame voting. Yet only 56 percent of voters supported her, as comments were split between those who consider her hair "spectacular" and "overrated."

FARRAH FAWCETT. The Charlie's Angels actress was named a finalist for the second time only weeks after her death from cancer. Yet she only received 55-percent support, which infuriated one Hair Fan: "By far the worst vote in the history of this site. Hope you morons are happy."

KATHY IRELAND. The supermodel-turned-businesswoman and Ultimate 50 member received 54-percent backing. One voter called her hair great, but added: "I just don't think she is HOF worthy."

BROOKE SHIELDS. The model and actress only gained 45 percent backing, as voters disagreed about whether her hair is great or not.

CRYSTAL GAYLE. A country singer who's part of our Ultimate 50 list was praised as "the icon for long-haired women" by one supporter. But only 21 percent of voters agreed, and one called her look "boring."

FINAL VOTE TOTALS: MacPherson 42-33; Fawcett 53-44; Ireland 38-32; Shields 29-35; Gayle 13-49.

Photo credits: Fawcett courtesy Allure; Ireland courtesy .

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