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NAME: Laurel Coppock

WHO IS SHE: Actress best known as “Jan” behind the welcome desk in U.S. Toyota commercials

HER STYLE: Mid-length sidepart, sometimes with bangs and sometimes without; we say at its best with added curl

WHY WE LIKE IT: If you're going to sit behind a desk facing the public all day, you should look your best. She's shown for several years that she can do that. While online critics may call her “girlish,” she's displayed a variety of attractive styles which all stay in line on camera – even if the camera is only on her for about 20 seconds at a time. The bangs are a relatively recent addition, and make sure her hair stays out of her eyes.

SUPER-HAIR? As Jan, her hair has been impeccable for years. In the rest of her life - well, we found a video or two with short hair in her eye, but we think she was wearing a wig. We'll give her the benefit of the doubt, answer the question yes - and wonder how she'd do in a Toyota with the moonroof open. [Posted 12/24/16]

NAME: Jennifer Loren

WHO IS SHE: Host of series Osiyo: Voices of the Cherokee People; former TV news anchor in Tulsa, Oklahoma

HER STYLE: Medium-long sidepart with full flips of wave below the shoulder

WHY WE LIKE IT: She’s grown out the shoulder-length style and the bangs that she once had in TV journalism. Now it all depends on how well the hair on her left side is flipped. A couple of turns (and apparently added spray) would seem to be very hard to loosen and push around.

SUPER-HAIR? With the old looks, maybe not. With this current look, it can be. We haven’t seen much of her to reach a definite conclusion. So we’ll give her a cautious “yes” vote. May she keep flipping – and may Native American people such as her learn to develop great hair. [Posted 12/9/16]

NAME: JinJoo Lee

WHO IS SHE: Self-proclaimed “Guitar Girl” in the dance band DNCE

HER STYLE: Medium-long with light bangs; normally straight and with frequently-changing colors

WHY WE LIKE IT: With poses like this one, she almost dares you to try to bring her hair down into her eyes. But the bangs normally are cut deep and well, to prevent that. They're not thick enough to provide some forehead mystery, but they do their job (protecting the face) while holding pretty well.

SUPER-HAIR? When she's posing, it can be. When she's on stage performing and she lets herself go.... well, enough photos exist to prove that hair can fly into her eyes. We know some Hair Fans wouldn't mind that, and might buy concert tickets to see if it can happen. But we hope it doesn't happen too often, because we don't really think she's a hair DuNCE. [Posted 11/25/16]

NAME: Maren Morris

WHO IS SHE: Country singer; winner of 2016 CMA Award for Best New Artist

HER STYLE: Shoulder to mid-length, at her best when she displays a wave or curl (she went all the way with them for our photo from the CMA's)

WHY WE LIKE IT: She hits several of our hair buttons – by having curls (many Hair Fans like “projects,” you know), knowing how to make them look good, and knowing how to keep them well-controlled. They held as she sang her hit song My Church, which is better than other CMA first-timers have done.

SUPER-HAIR? The problem here is that she's also worn her hair straight. That's led to her riskiest moments. And on one “straight night” at Nashville's Ryman Auditorium, a photographer caught her with hair bending down and covering an eye. So our answer is no. But she finished second in our poll for the best hair of CMA night, and we think on any given night in country music she can be a contender with the best. Faith Hill and Carrie Underwood, you are hereby warned. [Posted 11/12/16]

NAME: Christen Press

WHO IS SHE: Forward on the U.S. women's national soccer team, as well as Chicago Red Stars

HER STYLE: Currently an armpit-length sidepart, probably naturally straight with waves added

WHY WE LIKE IT: When your hair is in a ponytail on the pitch and it gets our attention, you're doing something right. That's what happened when we saw her enter a “friendly” match against Switzerland. She displayed great thickness, even without waves. That inspired us to an online check, where pictures indicate she rightly consider her hair a strength. Even if only the right side is in front of her shoulders, we think Hair Fans would want to reach for it – especially if the waves are there.

SUPER-HAIR? We were certainly rooting for her – but sadly, there's a picture on Pinterest where the right-side hair slumped over her eye. (We're not sure exactly where, but it showed up in a search.) Yet we can understand why she's posed for modeling shoots. May more soccer players follow her im-Press-ive hair example. [Posted 10/28/16]

NAME: Tori Anderson

WHO IS SHE: Actress appearing in the new TV series No Tomorrow; formerly in the cable series Open Heart

HER STYLE: Medium-long waves, which can be “beachy” or well-set

WHY WE LIKE IT: We're assuming her waves are natural, and she knows how to use them for style control. A little gentle mixing can twist the ends into a curl that's difficult for wind or humans to shake and loosen.

SUPER-HAIR? While it's difficult to loosen, pictures online show it can be done. And at the end of the series's second episode, a steamy romantic moment ended with the hair dangling over her left eye. So the hair looks very nice – but we wish it held like there was No Tomorrow. [Posted 10/14/16]

NAME: Michelle Collins

WHO IS SHE: Comedian who hosts the U.S. talk show Bachelor in Paradise: After Paradise; former co-host of The View (and not the British actress)

HER STYLE: The Hair Fan who suggested her specifically recommended this look from the final night of season 2 – a mid-length well-brushed style with a part slightly off-center

WHY WE LIKE IT:Amazing hair – super, even!” wrote the Hair Fan. The sections closest to her eyes were brushed back, and probably sprayed down around her shoulders. Sections from farther back were brought up-front, with the brushed-back sections serving as a “guard” for them so they wouldn't get loose. The brush-back weakened in the course of the hour, but the style kept a perfect line despite her bouncing around in the chair at times.

SUPER-HAIR? In a studio setting, this style held very well. But if she were placed in Paradise” - you know, with a breeze blowing on a tropical beach – she'd probably need the “ultimate hold” spray to escape a hair collapse. This woman has displayed styles covering an eye on red carpets, so her personal record is one of defeat. But we encourage more women to try this look, see how Super-strong they can make it - then please show us the results. [Posted 9/30/16]

NAME: Shannon Layburn

WHO IS SHE: Actress/singer/model based in North Carolina, seen primarily in commercials and small movie roles such as in Allegiant

HER STYLE: Long sidepart, with hints of wave that come and go with the situation

WHY WE LIKE IT:Great color! Looks soft,” wrote the Hair Fan who suggested her. And she shows no hesitation to have it close to her left eye, even in “demo reel” videos. Yet from what we could see, she knows how to keep styles out of her face.

SUPER-HAIR? She has a YouTube channel where you can see her in a wide range of situations. In one acting clip, a strand of hair dangles in front of her right eye – probably on purpose.

And here's the amazing thing: our Hair Fan may not have realized this young woman is only 14 years old! Yet her video resume shows she's grown up with years of impressive hair. Like many of today's talented teens, she's made videos in hopes of getting a big break from Disney or Nickelodeon. We wish her well in achieving that – and hope she doesn't succumb to photographers who like hair messy. [Posted 9/15/16]

NAME: Lindsay Sloane

WHO IS SHE: Actress currently appearing in the remade U.S. comedy The Odd Couple

HER STYLE: Shoulder-length or a touch longer, with natural waves and bangs (she's admittedly had many other looks)

WHY WE LIKE IT: It's an all-purpose style that's ready to handle all kinds of physical comedy – and probably challenges off the set as well. While she's added bangs only recently, they stay in line well and add to the interest for Hair Fans.

SUPER-HAIR? With this look, we think so. We found one picture where wind from behind couldn't blow her hair down – and that was when her hair was longer and bang-free. If she could handle that then, the control undoubtedly is stronger now. We didn't notice this woman when her hair was long and high-risk – but now that it's “safer,” we're suddenly attracted to it. Odd, but true. [Posted 9/2/16]

NAME: Allison Schmitt

WHO IS SHE: Olympic medal-winning U.S. swimmer

HER STYLE: Mid-length, with adjustable natural curls

WHY WE LIKE IT: She knows how to make those adjustments look good, while keeping the styles in place. When she first unpins her hair, the curls probably are tight rings. She responds with plenty of teasing on top and headbands. If she prepares the hair straighter, such as in her Twitter photo at left, the teasing still works – and she probably adds spray for strong control.

SUPER-HAIR? We found one or two close calls, including one in an ad for chocolate milk. But there's no evidence of her hair dropping in an eye, so our answer is yes. She reminds us of one of this site's first Olympic “style stars,” diver Laura Wilkinson. We don't know if her hair will stay constantly wet beyond Rio de Janeiro, but we hope it's down more often. [Posted 8/19/16]

NAME: Chelsea Krost

WHO IS SHE: Listed online as an author, radio-TV host, health coach, entrepreneur – and all-around expert in “millennials” (since she is one)

HER STYLE: Long sidepart with varying amounts of wave (we think full curls on her are best)

WHY WE LIKE IT: She goes big, loose and daring with her hair – and from what we've found, it works for her. She knows how to go “up and over” with her part, to help her style handle windy conditions. And when her waves are flowing, they're a nice distraction for Hair Fans in any case.

SUPER-HAIR? This one is an awfully close call. One picture in an image search has hair covering 33% of her left eye, but not quite all of it. Otherwise, she seems as smart about hair as she is people in their twenties. We'll give her a tentative yes – hoping the rising generation cares about hair as much as she does. [Posted 8/4/16]

NAME: Ayden Mayeri

WHO IS SHE: Actress and writer, currently appearing in the movie Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates

HER STYLE: Medium-long sidepart; usually on the straight side, but the Hair Fan who suggested her offered a picture with waves

WHY WE LIKE IT:Gorgeous color and body,” that Hair Fan wrote. The body certainly grabbed our attention. She seems to keep it in line with little more than a teasing combover at the crown; a part line for her is hard to find.

SUPER-HAIR? The answer was waiting on her website – and it's no. A picture in her gallery shows that thick long hair dangling down, as she turns over the opposite shoulder. Sadly, the right eye is covered. But if we were Mike or Dave, we'd happily ask this woman to join us for a date – and then plot some way to work on her hair (if you know what we mean) all evening long. [Posted 7/22/16]

NAME: Hayley Orrantia

WHO IS SHE: Singer, songwriter and actress, appearing on TV in The Goldbergs and touring with Brad Paisley

HER STYLE: Medium-long sidepart, who's impressing us with rolling waves in her TV role

WHY WE LIKE IT: She grabbed our attention in Goldbergs season three with styles that would bring teenage Hair Fans out of seclusion. The best ones for us have curls that seem ready to bounce all day – cleverly distracting attackers from a well-teased flip at the top of her forehead, which really keep the styles in place.

SUPER-HAIR? We were all set to rush her into the Top Ten – but then we checked her Twitter feed, and found a masthead promoting an album with a couple of strands across her left eye. But give her TV show credit for one thing: it has a daughter who seems to care about great hair as much as her on-camera mom. [Posted 7/8/16]

NAME: Lauren Vizza

WHO IS SHE: TV news anchor in Shreveport, LA, who once won the “Miss Louisiana” competition

HER STYLE: Medium-long sidepart, with bouncy-looking curl from the shoulders down

WHY WE LIKE IT: A Hair Fan told us it's “healthy, soft-looking with rich color.” She also doesn't seem to use a lot of spray on it for hold; teasing at the crown clears the forehead, then spray might be added to right-side hair swept back with round brushing.

SUPER-HAIR? There's one provocative photo on her Facebook page where she pushes it toward the right eye, but stops short. Beyond that, her closest call may have been the night she was crowned Miss Louisiana. But she knew how to save the hair then, and she's undoubtedly more skilled at it now. It looks like the hair hotbed of Shreveport has found another winner – and we thank you for sharing her. (Posted 6/24/16)

NAME: Garbiñe Muguruza

WHO IS SHE: Spanish tennis player (born in Venezuela), who won the 2016 French Open women's title and was second at Wimbledon in 2015

HER STYLE: Sideparted mid-length “beachy waves,” in the words of Vogue.

WHY WE LIKE IT: The Hair Fan who suggested her pointed us to the Vogue slideshow, which declared her off-court style “stealth bombshell hair.” She indicated it's important to her, saying “I try to keep it healthy” with plenty of washing and brushing. That brings out the thickness in her mane.

SUPER-HAIR?Fault,” we have to call. Click on that slideshow, and you'll see almost all the photos show her hair messy and in her face. This woman is reaching her sports potential -- but to reach full hair potential, she needs to figure out a way for it to “hold serve.” [Posted 6/10/16]

NAME: Rebecca Churan

WHO IS SHE: Self-described “house flipper” and day care owner in Sudbury, Ontario

HER STYLE: Long sidepart, currently blonde (she's had other colors; we think that's her best)

WHY WE LIKE IT: It's thick, which means for us it's good. And while she may not do it often, our photo with her hair thrown behind an ear (from when she made international news doing a good deed for a 92-year-old man) tells us she cares about control. She's also used bangs and shoulders to keep things in line.

SUPER-HAIR? It pains us to say.... almost. Deep in her Instagram account, there's a video where she goes a little wild and a strip of bangs flip into her left eye for a moment. But only one slip in hundreds of pictures is a very impressive score for us. She admits letting children in her day care play with her hair on snowy days – and some six-year-olds are living better than they probably realize. (Posted 5/27/16)

NAME: Yanet Garcia

WHO IS SHE:Mexican Weather Girl,” according to her Twitter account – based at Gente Regia in Monterrey

HER STYLE: Long sidepart, probably with added waves

WHY WE LIKE IT: She's getting worldwide attention for her.... uhhh.... well, we're impressed by the body of her hair. She wears it dangerously close to her left eye, yet critical flips show no sign of weakening on the set.

SUPER-HAIR? The trouble comes when she goes away from the set. Her hair tends to be straighter and weaker. That Twitter account shows several cases where strands have fallen into her eyes, either in the gym or from wind. But for a generation seeking a Hispanic weather successor to Jackie Guerrido, she's a good choice – and we somehow have a feeling she won't be hiding in Monterrey for long. [Posted 5/13/16]

NAME: Mireille Enos

WHO IS SHE: Actress currently starring in the TV drama The Catch

HER STYLE: Medium-long sidepart; probably naturally straight, but we consider best when waves are added

WHY WE LIKE IT: She often wears it loose, and that means the styles are high-risk. But she's had these styles for years, so she's a skilled veteran at keeping it away from her eyes – whether through the shoulders, ears (not that often), or sweeping head moves.

SUPER-HAIR? We found no pictures to prove the hair had dropped. But we admittedly haven't been watching her current series, which contains some steamy love and fighting scenes. We lean toward thinking her styles have dropped at some point. But if you've become caught up in her hair, we don't blame you at all – and we'd like your opinion about it.[Posted 4/28/16]

NAME: Sue-Lynn Ansari

WHO IS SHE: Actress seen mostly in small roles in movies such as Jurassic World and Misconduct; also billing herself as a “singer-songwriter” and “stuntwoman”

HER STYLE: Long loose sidepart

WHY WE LIKE IT:Silky-looking hair with great body,” a Hair Fan wrote. While she braids or pins the hair at times, her best looks let it flow and flex.

SUPER-HAIR? The answer for us came from some of the songs she sings online. One homemade video seems to show the long hair dropping in her left eye a couple of times (although bright light behind her makes it hard to tell). So we lean toward saying no – but her dramatic hair leans would keep us watching for a long time. [Posted 4/14/16]

NAME: Diane Gilman

WHO IS SHE: Fashion designer seen often on cable shopping channel HSN as the “Jean Queen”

HER STYLE: The Hair Fan who suggested her recommended a look posted by Glamour magazinea medium-long sidepart with seemingly natural wave and plenty of teasing

WHY WE LIKE IT: The Hair Fan told us she “has big hair and it totally works for her.” The teasing keeps the forehead clear and makes it very hard for the long hair to move toward her eyes. If it does, we suspect a little head-flip is enough to put things back in order.

SUPER-HAIR? We found one photo on her Facebook account where her hair has a dramatic big flip just below her right eye – but the hair stayed out, probably due to spray (perhaps rare for her). But that was the closest call, so we'll give her a narrow yes. And here's the amazing thing – she's around age 70 as we post this. Truly great hair doesn't have to have an age limit. [Posted 4/1/16]

NAME: Stephanie Rawlings-Blake

WHO IS SHE: Mayor of Baltimore

HER STYLE: Short, tight sidepart, seldom extending below her cheekbone

WHY WE LIKE IT: Her hair is all about the angles – and she's turned that angle approaching her eye (recently switched from left to right) into a surprising variety of looks. It can be trimmed into bangs which stop fractions from her eye, flipped and sprayed to stay in place, or secured into an immovable mass between her eye and ear with.... well, how does she do that?

SUPER-HAIR? We found a couple of photos where a strip of bangs came down across the bridge of her nose. That's provocative, but we can't prove they're defeats into her eye. If her critics have pictures of a complete collapse, we'll consider them – but for now, she gets a narrow vote of support from us. While she's had longer and softer styles, her current look strikes us as tough and almost “I-dare-you” defiant. Perhaps that's fitting for the city she leads. [Posted 3/18/16]

NAME: Kristen Aldridge

WHO IS SHE: Entertainment/social media reporter for a TV station in Los Angeles; formerly seen on programs such as The Daily Buzz

HER STYLE: Medium-long sidepart; we think it's naturally straight with added waves

WHY WE LIKE IT: After seeing her cover the Oscars in an On the Red Carpet special, we say she can add as many waves as she likes. They make her naturally thick hair bouncier and stronger. And after hours of coverage, the critical left side of her style stayed impressively in place. If she hadn't pinned the hair in back (at least we think she did), she might have made our ballot for the top look of Oscar night.

SUPER-HAIR? She has a media track record going back years – and from what we've found, it's a great one. We haven't discovered any moments where her hair has dropped to defeat. So for now, our answer is an enthusiastic yes. This is a combination we love to see – hair that's beautiful above all, but firm and tough when it has to be. [Posted 3/4/16]

NAME: Cam (apparently formerly known as Camaron Ochs)

WHO IS SHE: Country music singer

HER STYLE: Short bubbly curls

WHY WE LIKE IT: They're "short," but still long enough to drop into her eyes. Except they don't. Her video of the song Burning House shows well-defined curls all around her left eye, but she takes care to keep them from bouncing or moving.

SUPER-HAIR? While we commend her for being daring, we did find one photo from an awards show red carpet where a slightly stringy end reached into her left eye. So we're saying no, but we see a lot of potential in her hair. Our picture from the 2016 Grammys was panned on social media as not being one of her best nights. Maybe Daniela Ganoza can become a "curl coach" for her, and make her a big-time contender. [Posted 2/19/16]

NAME: Kristen Brockman

WHO IS SHE: Co-Host of the TV talk show Hollywood Today Live

HER STYLE: Mid-length mostly-straight, but with an assortment of added waves for a variety of styles

WHY WE LIKE IT: On her best days, she could be a model for flat-irons and similar products. The hair always seems to be precisely in line – and she's not afraid to wear it daringly close to her eyes. The styles bounce naturally, but stop short of disaster. (She's also not afraid to reach for them and make a save, if she feels a collapse approaching.)

SUPER-HAIR? Oh so close – but sadly, no. She posted a clip on Instagram where she practices a Victoria's Secret model “runway walk.” At the key finishing moment, the hair leaned in to cover her left eye. But our eyes still can't get enough of this woman's styles, when she goes high-risk. [Posted 2/5/16]

NAME: Amanda Blitz

WHO IS SHE: Former news anchor for CTV News Channel; backup career as an attorney

HER STYLE: At last report, a shoulder-length sideparted bob; has shown longer looks and even some bangs

WHY WE LIKE IT: We saw her on a weekend during her final weeks on cable, and saw “anchor hair” as perfect as it comes. She even hinted at a pageboy flip of curl on her vulnerable left side. But whatever she does, the right spray keeps it all in precise position under television lights.

SUPER-HAIR? We found one live report from her days in Hamilton, ON where she almost laughed her hair down off an ear into her eye (saved in the nick of time by her director). That was when her hair was longer. At its current length and with a solid anchor look, we really doubt that's possible. But sadly, we didn't know until we prepared this that she was laid off from CTV in November 2015. That's bad news for Canadian Hair Fans. May she find work quickly – on TV, we mean. [Posted 1/23/16]

NAME: Tracey Anthony

WHO IS SHE: Meteorologist with the WeatherNation TV network, also appearing on KUSA-TV in Denver

HER STYLE: Medium-long and close to center-parted, with what one Hair Fan calls “nice loose waves”

WHY WE LIKE IT: That Hair Fan praised her for styles that are “always silky looking” and with “rich color.” She also seems to know how to keep her waves in perfect position, perhaps with spray to lock them in. A past job working at a hair salon may have given her special knowledge about that.

SUPER-HAIR: We found a close call or two where the waves weakened to straightness near her eyes, but nothing where they collapsed into her eyes. But our Hair Fan noted she spent a season as a Minnesota Vikings cheerleader. If her hair held through that (and we couldn't find anything to suggest otherwise), we're not sure anything can defeat it. Thanks for another great find! [Posted 1/10/16]

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