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NAME: Nikki Haley

WHO IS SHE: Outgoing U.S. Ambassador to United Nations; former South Carolina Governor; 2012 Crown Award nominee

HER STYLE: Sidepart that's usually straight, nearly mid-length and often tucked behind her left ear

WHY WE LIKE IT: "Her bang is always strong," a Hair Fan wrote us. That person suspects she uses a lot of hairspray on her bangs for control, sometimes even sticking across her forehead. Whatever she does, it's worked on many occasions for many years - and the rest of her hair never seems in any danger of moving wildly, much less mussing.

SUPER-HAIR? The Hair Fan who suggested her considers her Top Ten Tresses material. We used to think so, too - but now we know better. The humidity of South Carolina and the coastal breeze have dropped her style in her left eye a few times, but not often. Her approach to hair may borrow from her autobiography, Can't is Not an Option, but that doesn't mean it won't. [Posted 12.27.18]

NAME: Darsha Philips

WHO IS SHE: TV news reporter in Los Angeles, currently changing stations after having a baby

HER STYLE: Medium-long near center-part, with a bit of wave

WHY WE LIKE IT: Everything about this picture from "" says "Super-woman" to us. A studio fan may be blowing the hair back. But she looks like she could throw the hair back behind the shoulders in tough situations. She seems to use the ears for control only in tight spots.

SUPER-HAIR? We don't monitor California newscasts, so we may not be fully informed. But she passed an image search test very well. On Instagram, a Wonder Woman post put her hair dramatically close to defeat. But if she fights to the finish for her style and wins, she has our support. May she come back from maternity leave and back in the TV battle soon. [Posted 12.14.18]

NAME: Carly Pearce

WHO IS SHE: Country music singer

HER STYLE: Medium-long and wavy, parted practically down the middle

WHY WE LIKE IT: We saw her for the first time at the CMA Awards, and watched in amazement. Her hair was full, fantastic.... and not moving a muscle! She's revealed Oribe hairspray is her secret to keeping the waves in perfect position, adding it "never fails." So she wants full hair confidence, and she's getting it. What's not hot about that?

SUPER-HAIR? Her perfection was seriously shaken when she sang at the Macy*s Thanksgiving Day parade. Even though she wore earmuffs, a gust of Manhattan wind shoved the long hair into her face for a moment. So no, it's not quite super. But we also say no to the skeptics who say she wears extensions. This woman could be the one to succeed Carrie Underwood as country music's most sensational style. [Posted 11.30.18]

NAME: Mai Murakami

WHO IS SHE: Japanese gymnast; winner of silver and bronze medals at the 2018 world championships; 2017 floor exercise champion

HER STYLE: Tightly-cut short sidepart with graduated bangs on her left side

WHY WE LIKE IT: This "cap" reminds us of the perfect short cuts of champion gymnasts Mary Lou Retton and Kerri Strug - only the layering makes it better. If you saw the 2018 Worlds in Qatar, you know why. The hair flies out when she's in fast motion, and looks like the left side could drop. It's cut so well that we don't think it's possible - but we want to get as close as we can, to see if we're wrong.

SUPER-HAIR? From what we've seen, it is. The worst thing that seems to happen in competitions is for bangs to fill her forehead. With this latest style.... oh, the drama. This was stunning and wonderful to see, in an age where pinned-up styles dominate. Now will Simone Biles agree to take her on, one-on-one? [Photo courtesy Gulf Times; posted 11.16.18]

NAME: Shery Ahn

WHO IS SHE: Bloomberg News anchor, formerly based in Hong Kong

HER STYLE: Mid-length sidepart with added waves or curls

WHY WE LIKE IT: This is potentially the best of both worlds - a hairstyle that looks natural and soft, but probably has been locked in with spray for hard hold for the set. She also seems to have added flipped bangs recently, as if to increase the risk of her hair collapsing - except in a studio, that's not going to happen.

SUPER-HAIR? Despite a picture of an extremely close moment on Instagram, we're saying yes. Growing her hair out from a bob was a great move for her, giving the style more room to manuever while looking more inviting. So keep calm and Shery Ahn.... if Hair Fans can. [Posted 11.2.18]

NAME: Sarah Stiles

WHO IS SHE: Actress in Broadway productions and Internet, appearing in musicals such as the upcoming Tootsie and web series such as Get Shorty

HER STYLE: Sidepart stopping a bit below the shoulder; normally loaded with wavy curls

WHY WE LIKE IT: "Great body and thickness," a visitor told us by email; "dark, rich color whether straight or curly." She's not afraid to put it all on display, as she seldom ties things down. The risk is high here, and we think a lot of Hair Fans would take a chance on touching Stiles's style.

SUPER-HAIR? The answer was as easy as her Twitter account: no. As we posted this, her cover picture had a strip of curl flopped down right across her left eye. Scroll down in her photo collection, and you'll see a moment where she rapidly shakes her head (and those curls) back and forth. It may be messy, but she won't drive many Hair Fans away with moves like that. [Posted 10.19.18]

NAME: Danielle Gray

WHO IS SHE: New York blogger known as "The Style and Beauty Doctor"

HER STYLE: Mid-length center-part with natural waves; weaves added by her own admission

WHY WE LIKE IT: The styles might not be completely "her," but many of them appeal to us. The waves help her go thick and wide in front of the shoulders, when she wishes. A bit of teasing at the forehead keeps the hair out of her eyes. And she's dared to reveal her styling secrets on YouTube.

SUPER-HAIR? She also impresses us by making daring breezy head turns. But that can be risky business, and one turn in July threw a strip of hair in her right eye. Yet if you saw this woman walking down a New York street, could you possibly turn away from hair this interesting? Even nominal Hair Fans would give themselves away. [Posted 10.5.18]

NAME: Cameran Eubanks

WHO IS SHE: Charleston, South Carolina real estate and mother, who appears in the reality TV series Southern Charm

HER STYLE: Medium-long waves, brought forward on her left side and kept back on the right

WHY WE LIKE IT: She's not afraid to go daringly high-risk. Our vid-cap comes from a video for a dermatology company, and shows the left side arch around the eye. But the heat from the waves provides hold and strength. She also knows how to tilt her head at the right moment, both to accentuate the left side and keep it out of her eye.

SUPER-HAIR? Based on the evidence we found, we have our doubts. A Bravo "beauty bag" clip shows the hair practically in her left eye. And Charleston is notorious for humidity, which can weaken her wave. But she gets a "Bravo" from us (if you know what we mean) for extraordinary effort - more proof that Southern "charmers" care about great hair. [Posted 9.21.18]

NAME: Katrina Nare

WHO IS SHE: British actress/model/writer, who's had small roles in projects such as the TV drama Deep Cuts and the movie Way of the Monkey's Claw

HER STYLE: Normally shoulder-length curls; straightened on occasion

WHY WE LIKE IT: "Gorgeous natural curls!" a Hair Fan told us. They're loose instead of tightly-defined, and can be playful or intensely serious, depending on her mood. The fact that she often poses with them dangerously close to her eyes adds to the seriousness for us. The only protective measure seems to be some teasing at the forehead.

SUPER-HAIR?Alas, the danger has proven too strong at times. Her own Instagram feed has examples of the curliness plopping across her eyes. Yet her upcoming movie called Doom may have Hair Fans watching simply to see if her style can avoid it. [Posted 9.7.18]

NAME: Kimberly Jones

WHO IS SHE: NFL Network reporter, focusing on the "New York" football teams (we remember when that used to be an issue)

HER STYLE: Shoulder-length sidepart, usually with plenty of waves

WHY WE LIKE IT: She has years of experience, knowing how to adjust this style to the conditions of the moment - especially to turn up the hold. It can be helmet-hard during some reports, while emphasizing a soft look at other times. Wind can blow the hair back a bit, but not a lot.

SUPER-HAIR? Apparently not. When she left the YES sport channel, a blogger posted a picture of her with a bit of hair from the "off side" angled toward her eye. It appeared to be a drop - putting her on a par with the Jet and Giant disappointments of the 2017 season. But the strength of this look still is worth watching. [Posted 8.24.18]

NAME: Devan Kaney

WHO IS SHE: Host of The Day Ahead on the U.S. cable channel Newsy; formerly on-air in Boise, Idaho

HER STYLE: Long sidepart; we say it's best with waves

WHY WE LIKE IT: Her styles are natural-looking and thick enough that hungry Hair Fans might want to reach for them with a running start. But that could be misleading, because she combs section over the top and probably sprays them into firm position. The waves provide added strength, while she resorts to ear tuckbacks sparingly.

SUPER-HAIR? If she limited her public exposure to TV, we might say yes. But her own Instagram account does her in, as a couple of steamy photos have hair drooping in an eye. She blames one of them on "east coast humidity." If she solves that, her hair future is well above 100 percent. [Posted 8.12.18]

NAME: Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic

WHO IS SHE: President of Croatia

HER STYLE: Sidepart reaching a bit below the shoulders, apparently with added curl

WHY WE LIKE IT: She caught the attention of Hair Fans around the world at the FIFA World Cup final, by winning the style battle over the first lady of France. Her high-risk right side weakened only a bit in the rain, as she embraced players on the pitch after the match. She must have Super-spray to keep the swept-back side holding, even though she can use her ears for control if necessary.

SUPER-HAIR? We're right on the boundary line about this. A strip of hair was weak in post-match ceremonies, but seemed cut to allow for bangs above the right eye. Then there are those (ahem) bikini pictures, where the hair is windblown. Yet we haven't found a ahot with the hair in her eyes. So she has a narrow thumbs-up from us - and we want to see her hair next to Melania Trump's at the next NATO summit. [Posted 7.27.18]

NAME: Vassy Kapelos

WHO IS SHE: Host of Canadian cable TV news program(me) Power and Politics

HER STYLE: Currently mid-length sidepart with apparently natural wave; she's gone longer and straighter at times

WHY WE LIKE IT: While some hosts of similar U.S. shows spend all their time in the studio, she occasionally travels around Canada for stories. Wherever she goes, her styles always seem to be as sharp and well-prepared as the questions for lawmakers ought to be. While she sometimes uses the ears for protection, she seldom wears pins.

SUPER-HAIR? On the air, it seems to be - and that's very good. Trouble is, she posts a lot of off-air material on her Instagram feed. While much of it is humorous, several pictures have messy hair in her eyes. If Canada wants to recover from a disastrous Super-Hair World Cup V, it needs better "power hair" than this. [Posted 7.13.18]

NAME: Luana Munoz

WHO IS SHE: Morning TV news anchor who moved recently from Norfolk, VA to Shreveport, LA

HER STYLE: Mid-length sidepart, currently displaying plenty of curls although she's had it straighter

WHY WE LIKE IT: "Great thickness and curls," wrote a Hair Fan who suggested her. The picture posted by her current station might make you think otherwise, because the curls are relatively tight. But when they're massed (or is that mixed?) together, they probably have a lot of weighty strength. Teasing atop the forehead helps with the hold.

SUPER-HAIR? "Never in her eyes," the Hair Fan added. Oooh - the challenge is made! That may be true in Shreveport. But last year in Virginia, she posted a photo with her hair at its best.... but a strip of curl in her left eye. Too bad. But thanks for a great suggestion - and now: how does Shreveport keep attracting all these great styles? [Posted 6.29.18]

NAME: Lila Rose

WHO IS SHE: Founder/President of the anti-abortion group Live Action

HER STYLE: Medium-long with adjustable waves

WHY WE LIKE IT: Thick. Plush. Full. Add your own adjective. Her hair is total-volume, and soft-looking on top of that. Her styles can move and bounce. Yet the curl provides a measure of control, or she can tuck hair behind her ears without losing much on the "risky style" scale.

SUPER-HAIR? When she appears in set pieces and on indoor stages, she's jaw-dropping. But the thrill and drama happen when she's out in the elements - and a picture she put on Facebook of an undercover investigation seems to show a breeze pushing the hair into her eyes. So we're disappointed to say our answer is no. But while we don't get into politics here, we're glad this woman with her great hair was allowed to be born. [Posted 6.16.18]

NAME: Helena Humphrey

WHO IS SHE: Business reporter for DW television, based in Germany

HER STYLE: Medium-long sidepart, often curled at the tips

WHY WE LIKE IT: She's not afraid to take some chances in the studio with her hair. This vid-cap shows lift-teasing above the vulnerable left eye - yet there still could be a bit of tucking-back behind her ear for security. She's also appeared with a full tuck-back and none at all; the look can vary from day to day.

SUPER-HAIR? The first time we saw her, she definitely had us watching - but we fear we saw a fully-open left side droop into her eye at one point. So our answer is a sad no. But would we watch her hair in action again? Absolutely yes. CNBC and Fox Business reporters with strong styles may have a European rival. [Posted 6.1.18]

NAME: Tawny Newsome

WHO IS SHE: Comic and singer in the band Four Lost Souls; appearing in TV series such as Nobodies and the podcast Yo, Is This Racist?

HER STYLE: Sideparted curls which she's taken very long (and even straight) at times; our picture from the podcast is on the short side for her

WHY WE LIKE IT: "Good natural curls," a Hair Fan told us. We say amen to that. At their best, they look soft and full enough to use as a pillow - yet strong enough to bounce back time after time, and even bounce a little during head turns to tempt you to try it.

SUPER-HAIR? This is a split decision. She's had longer "dreadlock looks" that drop with ease. Buyt if she sticks to styles like the picture we're posting, we think she has it. The curls are likely to last a long time, and she seems to know how to keep them out of her eyes. We hope she keeps things natural, because we're naturally attracted to it. [Posted 5.18.18]

NAME: Catriona Gray

WHO IS SHE: Model born in Australia; former Miss World Phillippines; current Miss Universe Philippines 2018

HER STYLE: Long sidepart; we think at its best with added wave

WHY WE LIKE IT: She was offered to represent the Philippines in Super-Hair World Cup V, and we can understand why. She's developed a great mass of hair, which she turns up (as in volume) for big occasions. When she does, countless Hair Fans would want to get their hands all over it.

SUPER-HAIR? Her Instagram account has the answer - and it's no. Several posed photos show hair in her eyes. But had she been born in the Philippines, we think she could have represented that country in our Cup well. Those beauty contests have weak standards, don't they? [Posted 5.5.18]

NAME: Inga Volkosh

WHO IS SHE: Model born in Russia, now based in Miami

HER STYLE: "Rapunzel" long, to borrow from her Instagram account, reaching to her knees; usually straight, but that can be adjusted

WHY WE LIKE IT: She's one of many women with extremely long hair being offered by Hair Fans these days. She stands out to us because she seems to try hard to keep it out of her eyes. That means serious combing back at the crown, plus plenty of leaning which shows off the style without putting it at high risk.

SUPER-HAIR? More than one of her videos left us asking, "How will her hair escape this one?" - yet it did. But she's also posted pictures where a few strands cover an eye. So while she's great, our answer is no. She was offered to us for Super-Hair World Cup V, yet her native Russia did not qualify for that event. If she had been nominated, maybe that would have been different. [Posted 4.21.18]

NAME: Sofia Ojeda

WHO IS SHE: TV journalist in Houston

HER STYLE: Sidepart reaching a bit below the shoulders, regularly in "beach waves"

WHY WE LIKE IT: She takes subtle steps to keep this style strong. A bit of over-the-top teasing near the part line (undoubtedly supported with spray) is one method. Well-disguised tucking back of a tiny strip of hair is another.

SUPER-HAIR? When she's anchoring, it can be. When she's out in the elements reporting, it's sadly not. Storm coverage from 2017 confirmed fierce wind could blow hair into her eyes. But in a city with a lot of great hairstyles and often-challenging weather, we think she'd be a top contender in many tournaments. [Posted 4.7.18]

NAME: Jennifer Ketchmark

WHO IS SHE: TV weathercaster in Cincinnati

HER STYLE: We prefer the website photo's look, a shoulder-length sidepart with plenty of waves; she's had straighter styles as well

WHY WE LIKE IT: Strong waves like these at 5:00 a.m. will get many Hair Fans out of bed early. The overall style may bounce a bit, but the curl seems to stay strong all morning long.

SUPER-HAIR? This is one of those cases where the wave makes it "Super," but she's very vulnerable without it. One Facebook forecast with the hair straight nearly collapsed on-camera several times. So can we do what the National Weather Service does - and put her chances of Super-Hair at 40 percent? [Posted 3.24.18]

NAME: Ayesha Billimoria

WHO IS SHE: Sprinter and fitness trainer based in Mumbai, India

HER STYLE: A Hair Fan recommended this classic helmet bob; other pictures have shown a more sideswept look

WHY WE LIKE IT: "Soft and full," wrote the Hair Fan who suggested her, along with "awesome bangs." The recommended photo from India's Elle magazine shows the forehead solidly covered (our preference for bangs), yet long enough on her right side to be vulnerable. Could a crosswind push the hair into her eye? That's the stuff of drama for Hair Fans.

SUPER-HAIR? We're saying yes. Wind might blow this cut around, but we haven't found a picture where it's dropped in her eyes. That's precise cutting, which is critical for this kind of style. She's known as "FitGirl" in India, and we'd love to take on perfect hair like this - even though she'd undoubtedly outrun us, and probably outfight us if we caught her. [Posted 3.10.18]

NAME: Amanda Balionis

WHO IS SHE: Veteran golf reporter who's joined the CBS Sports team this year

HER STYLE: Mid-length with waves/curls

WHY WE LIKE IT: Not many female golf reporters appear with their hair unpinned. She's doing it, but in a somewhat protected environment - interviewing players after their rounds, next to a large video screen. The curl and tuck-backs behind the ears keep the hair in great shape.

SUPER-HAIR? She survived an "instant classic" moment when birds flew their way into a third-round interview in Los Angeles. We've found no other serious threats, so she makes the cut with us. Kelly Tilghman finally may have met her "golf hair" match. [Posted 2.23.18]

NAME: Clara Lago

WHO IS SHE: Actress from Spain, currently appearing in the movie The Commuter

HER STYLE: We spotted her on Univision with a chin-length cut and light bangs (she's better known for longer and darker styles)

WHY WE LIKE IT: This style looks like it's ready for both an action drama and a night on the town. It reminds us of "beach waves" trimmed short, then sprayed (sometimes round-brushed) into place. The bangs give her room to manuever. But they're not cut too deeply, which increases the risk factor.

SUPER-HAIR? "Lo siento" - as in sorry. The longer styles dropped in movie scenes. And even this short cut dropped in her eyes, in a friendly photoshoot with a dog. But we'd want to linger on her new look for a long time. And if her U.S. film debut is successful, that could happen. [Posted 2.9.18]

NAME: Elena Urioste

WHO IS SHE: Concert violinist, who performs with leading classical orchestras

HER STYLE: Mid-length sidepart with thick waves

WHY WE LIKE IT: If she wears it this way when performing, this is high-pitched drama for Hair Fans. We dream of this style flexing and bouncing during a dramatic concerto. Both hands are occupied, so they can't protect her hair - but she teases it on top and probably sprays it all around for safety. Alas, she seems to pin it up often on stage.

SUPER-HAIR? Her website shows plenty of enticing photos, with her hair almost daring you to approach it. The style looks mussable and defeatable - but we found no evidence of that happening. So she gets the upbest from us, with encouragement to wear it down on concert night. [Posted 1.26.18]

NAME: Denise Doornebosch

WHO IS SHE: Twitch star who's become a co-host of the Dutch video game talk show Big Red Lazor, seen on TBD in the USA

HER STYLE: She mixes them up, but we noticed her with a medium-long center part

WHY WE LIKE IT: Our vid-cap was from our first sight of this woman, and she gave us a flashback to someone we featured in a 2002 Style Profile. Her hair is thick enough to hide sections tucked behind the ears, and strong enough that the sections stick there. She could be "Glenda's" twin, and be quite a match in a Super-Hair War.

SUPER-HAIR? She sadly undid the tuck-back on-camera during the program we watched, but stopped short of letting her hair drop in her eyes. She's also clever enough to use a look-alike emoji of herself online, instead of posting a lot of selfies. So we say she has it, unless Euro-Hair Fans tell us otherwise. They look like Big Reddish Locks to us. [Posted 1.11.18]

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