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May 2006: Mid-Length Masterpieces

Great hairstyles (at least to us) have a combination of perfection and beauty. You might think that takes work, and in some cases it does. Yet in other cases, classic long-lasting styles can appear quite simple to prepare -- though as you'll see, the key word could be appear. One such look which attracts us involves medium-long hair, between shoulder and armpit-length.

JANICE McDONALD was a state-level winner of the Miss U.S.A. pageant, then a journalist for years with CNN. She reportedly had an amazing ten-year unbeaten run with longer hair, most of that time with the basic style we're showing. Let's analyze what makes this not only attractive, but strong:

* A bit of curl is evident, at the ends and perhaps brushed around the ears. This provides shape.

* There's a hint of bangs evident here -- but they're brushed back well enough that you might not really notice them. They can come down if a tough situation calls for it, working almost as a warning signal that the hair needs quick attention.

* We're not sure if spray is added; the hair looks soft enough that you can't tell simply by looking. But spray can lock in the overall style, to prevent harm from wind or humidity.

* The long hair can be positioned behind the ears or even the shoulders, if a windy situation requires it for hold. (We're told McDonald even wore glasses from time to time, to provide yet another barrier.)

A McDonald admirer provided us this picture of her great hair, adjusted into a sidepart for a party. The bangs are more evident here -- but the style still looks great, and the risk level not really that high. (The bangs may even be curled for control.)


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