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December 2005: Permed to Perfection

The word "permanent" in terms of hair can bring bad images to mind for some people. They might think of stereotypes such as "senior citizens" in church pews, or the high hair of a cartoon Marge Simpson. But it doesn't have to be this way. Styles can be both permed and attractive, without looking stiff and overly rigid -- and the only way you might know a permanent was used is if you put your hands on the hair.

SHERYL ATTKISSON surprised us in a Super-Hair Q&A interview when she revealed her long style at CNN in the 1990's was permed. We assumed it was simply great texture sprayed into position. But she apparently used what's known as a "body wave," one of the three main kinds of perms -- which adds only a hint of curl, while providing strong overall hold which defines Super-Hair for us.

MARSHA THOMASON has displayed a variety of looks on the TV series Las Vegas -- and we feel fairly confident in saying this one is permed. It's a tight curl approach, along the lines of the classic "Afro" styles of the 1960s and 70's. But using home perm kits available in stores, you can develop something like this. But to be this well-rounded, we suspect she had a stylist's help. This style looks springy, yet is quite precise - and anyone dreaming of messing up this hair had better pack a lunch.


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(Attkisson photo courtesy TV Ark.)

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