June 2002: Eva Chavela

Some women have hairstyles which simply demand you stop and look at them. It could be due to length (either long or short), or the perfection a style can have moments after leaving the salon. And then there's the hair which makes heads turn thanks to a little added color.

With EVA CHAVELA -- well, you can strike the word "little." This guitarist with the New York alternative rock band The Drive has hair as red as a uniform of hockey's New Jersey Devils. Yet when a Hair Fan nominated her for our Hot List, we noticed something else - a bang style which seems capable of lasting through long, grinding sets on stage. The photos we saw showed great control, so we were intrigued to know more. Eva agreed to answer our questions through an online exchange -- and we couldn't resist playing up her favorite shade:

SUPER-HAIR: How would you describe your style?

EVA CHAVELA: Red! Very red. Other than that it's pretty basic. A center part that's just trimmed straight across with bangs.

S-H: How long have you had your hair in this current style?

EC: I've had my hair this color since 1996! Can you believe that? Everyone said it was a fad when I first dyed it this color, but I tried to tell them I just had an obsession with red. I wish it were considered more normal so I could keep it this way forever.

S-H: What do you like most about it?

EC: I adore the color red. When I was little, I used to steal my mother's ladies' magazines and color in all the peoples' lips and hair with a red magic marker. I don't know why, but I've just always been fixated on red.

S-H: Is there anything you DISlike about your style -- and if so, what?

EC: It's extremely difficult to maintain. I can only wash my hair in cold water over a sink, because if I stand up in the shower to do it the color runs all down and stains my skin. So I have to lean over a sink to wash it. And using cold instead of hot water keeps the dye from fading.

S-H: What's the biggest problem you face keeping your hair in place?

EC: I don't usually have a problem keeping it in place. I use a lot of bobby pins! I paint them red, though, so you can't see them in my hair.

S-H: The pictures we saw indicated you sometimes pin your hair back a bit for concerts. Is this something you do all the time, or only on occasion?

EC: During the day I almost always wear my hair pinned back or braided in pigtails. Then at night when I'm playing a show or going out, I let it down and curl it to make it big and fancy.

S-H: When was the last time your hair fell into your eyes in public? (If ever) How did it happen?

EC: Hmmm... I don't think my hair has ever fallen down. Like I said, I use A LOT of bobby pins to keep it secure. Sometimes if I don't want people bothering me or I just don't have time to style my own hair, I wear wigs out. Wigs are great, I think, 'cause most people never suspect you're wearing one. It's like throwing on a hat. Just make sure you get one of good quality.

S-H: Do you use any specific treatments to keep your hair in place? (Spray, gel, etc.)

EC: I use hairspray and a lot of gel if I'm curling it. Then I use a gloss to keep it shiny during the day. For washing it, I just use the cheap stuff like Suave. Shampoo's all made of the same stuff, really.

S-H: What advice would you give someone who wanted to develop Super-Hair?

EC: If you want natural Super-Hair, I would just condition it a lot. If you want hair like mine, be expected to shell out the bucks and spend four hours at the beauty parlor to get your roots done.

S-H: Who would you consider to have the best head of hair you've seen?

EC: Marilyn Monroe. It was always in place just right. And the color was magnificent. I am definitely going to go blond once I'm done with the red. I'm going to be platinum like a movie star.

SUMMARY: How clever of this woman to paint her hairpins to match her hair color, so no one knows they're there! They probably don't even shine under stage lights, to give them away. She's both smart and sneaky -- a dangerous combination for anyone who might try to undo this style.

Based on our definition of Super-Hair, Eva doesn't really qualify for the title with all that added "heavy metal." We'd be willing to watch her up-close at a rock concert, though. Mention our web site, and she might even throw some hairpins at you for souvenirs!


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