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The 18th Annual Crown Awards


The 2017 Crown Awards returned to a live chat format, as we announced the winners 18 Mar 18. These Crowns reflected the impact of social media more than any other, and also had a worldwide scope like never before. Congratulations to all our winners!

Best Short Hair: Amy Robach.

The Good Morning America anchor becomes a back-to-back Crown winner. She held off a TV shopping host who had won a Crown before.

Robach 45 percent, Kerstin Lindquist 34%, Erin Buchanan 19%, Angela Hutti 2%.

Best Long Hair: Gohar Shahnazaryan.

Hair Fans may have voted with their yardsticks, as this model and mom from Armenia who boasts of "super long hair" on Facebook coasted after a dominant Week 1.

Shahnazaryan 46 percent, Daniela Bobadilla 22%, Erin Burnett 13%, Lea Michele 11%, Angelika Maciag 8%.

Best Curls: Dashik Gubanova.

An Instagram phenomenon from Russia who boasts of "beauty secrets of Rapunzel" may have the longest curls we've ever posted. They were described as "amazing" by one admiring voter.

Gubanova 52 percent, Aline Amaro 35%, Jaymee Sire 5%, Daniela Ganoza 4.4%, Alyson Footer 3.5%.

Best Bangs: Nicole Calgaro.

A recent university graduate and court employee in Brazil becomes an international hair sensation - although one voter admitted there was a lot of "best" here.

Calgaro 39 percent, Angelinka Balerinka 26%, Brooke Vincent 18%, Jess Walton 18%.

Best Hairstyle in Athletics: Lindsey Vonn.

A Winter Olympic surge may have brought this skier back from a big Week 1 deficit. While some suggest a picture with curls was misleading, she wins her first Crown since 2011.

Vonn 43 percent, Sarah Backman Rotunda 40%, Eugenie Bouchard 9%, Ariana Luterman 2%, Mandy Rose 2%.

Best Hairstyle in a Movie: Jessica Chastain.

The poker hostess in Molly's Game improved her position with every turn of voting. The new "Wonder Woman" wasn't strong enough here.

Chastain 49 percent, Eiza Gonzalez 20%, Gal Gadot 13%, Anna Kendrick 11%, Karen Gillan 7%.

Best Hairstyle on Television: Jana Laurin.

Talk about social influence! The Jewelry TV host praised for "always perfect" hair was in fourth place after Week 1. But her nice mention of us on Twitter led to a mass of votes in the final days to capture the Crown.

Laurin 37 percent, Connie Britton 30%, Natascha McElhone 21%, Lea Michele 11%, Elodie Yung 1%.

Best Hairstyle in Music: Bianca Marques.

A singer from Brazil won one of the closest contests of the year, edging a former Crown winner at the wire.

Marques 36 percent, Nicola Roberts 34%, Danielle Bradbery 24%, Jasmine Thompson 6%.

Best Hairstyle in Journalism: Julia Boorstin.

Some Hair Fans would say this win by a woman with perfectly developed curl is long overdue. This Crown changes hands, but remains at CNBC.

Boorstin 62 percent, Erin Burnett 18%, Gillian Turner 9%, Sara Eisen 8%, Suzanne Malveaux 3%.

Newcomer of the Year: Gohar Shahnazaryan.

The Armenian wins a second Crown, holding off a Miss America contender. "Love all the long hair!" wrote one impressed voter.

Shahnazaryan 46 percent, Laryssa Bonacquisti 32%, Angelika Maciag 15%, Lara Lieto 5%, Thaina Fernandes 1%.

Best Blonde: Elena Bashkina.

The recent dominant woman in this category was nominated too late for our deadline. That opened the way for an Instagram star from Russia to prevail.

Bashkina 35 percent, Sara Eisen 22%, Marah Fairclough 20%, Dana Perino 19%, Kendy Kloepfer 4%.

Best Brunette: Gohar Shahnazaryan.

It's a triple Crown performance for the Armenian with self-proclaimed "Rapunzel hair!" But this was her closest challenge, as a rising star of The Middle led two weeks of voting.

Shahnazaryan 45 percent, Daniela Bobadilla 33%, Stephanie Abu-Sbieh 22%, Erin Burnett 9%, Meghan Markle 6%.

Best Redhead: Gabriela Ramos.

Instagram does it again, as bright-red hair from Brazil defeats the prior winner and two other Crown recipients.

Ramos 35 percent, Sarah Rafferty 26%, Julia Boorstin 21%, Jessica Chastain 17%, Hannah Rose May 1%.

Makeover of the Year: Dana Perino.

Controversy erupted when we had to rebuild ballots during a home office move, and put the wrong picture of one candidate on the site for 24 hours. After we extended voting due to it, a Fox News host who's let her short hair grow out won a very close race.

Perino 31 percent, Jillian Michaels 29%, Ashleigh Banfield 21%, Savannah Guthrie 15%, Melody Thomas Scott 4%.

Best Hair in Science/Meteorology: Kelly Cass.

"Cyclone Cass blowing away the competition!" one voter correctly observed. The Weather Channel meteorologist dominated like never before, winning this Crown for the third year in a row and fourth time in five years.

Cass 81 percent, Ginger Zee 8%, Maria LaRosa 6%, Halle Vogel 3%, Janice Dean 2%.

Best Hair in Politics/Government: Hope Hicks.

She resigned as White House Communications Director during the voting, and even changed her hair color. But one voter called her "stunning," and others apparently agreed.

Hicks 54 percent, Jackie Speier 23%, Samantha Power 17%, Lisette Suder 6%.

Best Hair in Sports Reporting: Rachel Nichols.

The host of The Jump has been nominated often. She finally leaps to victory, keeping this Crown in the ESPN family for a fifth consecutive year.

Nichols 48 percent, Jori Parys 30%, Mina Rzouki 12%, Heather Cox 8%, Antonietta Collins 1%.

Best Ponytail: Ariana Grande.

It's a rare day when this pop star does not display a ponytail. She's the first winner of this new category, which had the second-highest overall vote count.

Grande 38 percent, Joanna Gaines 27%, Viktorija Jukonyte 21%, Pann Ei Phyu 11%, Alessandra Ambrosio 2%.


Miss Louisiana 2017 was guided by Shreveport Hair Fans to take over our website like few women have. She won six matches by an average margin of 78.8%, then came within about two hours of unseating Challenge of Champions master Victoria Warren.

Chastain photo courtesy IMDb.


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