The Hair Fans' Hall of Fame: 2011

We open the Hall of Fame for nominations once a year. And after a couple of tight years in terms of inductions, 2011 brought three new women into the hall!

The open nomination period led to five finalists facing three weeks of voting, with a two-thirds majority required for induction. The results were as follows....

ANDIE MacDOWELL - INDUCTED. This model and movie star's curls were never in doubt for Hair Fans. She led the unofficial "race" with 83-percent backing.

SUSAN LUCCI - INDUCTED. The Emmy-winning matriarch of All My Children kept gaining support through the voting period, and wound up with 75 percent.

KIRAN CHETRY. She may have gained sympathy votes for leaving CNN, but the news anchor and Crown Award winner faded in the final days to finish short of induction at 63 percent. Someone even "went negative," with a link to a picture they considered uninviting.

GISELLE FERNANDEZ. The former NBC News reporter and Access Hollywood host may have been forgotten by many. She only received 44-percent support, despite a plea that "she has always brought it!"

HALLE BERRY. The two-time Crown Award winner never gained momentum, receiving only 38-percent support. One opponent summed it up: "Pixie cut too often."

For the second year, a Veterans Committee offered nominations and voted separately for its own entries to the Hall of Fame. One woman has been inducted, receiving at least two-thirds support....

ELLE MACPHERSON. The supermodel from Sydney won the AAA Cup for her homeland in 2009, and came within one vote of capturing Super-Hair World Cup II in 2006. She is the first Australian inductee in the Hall of Fame.

FINAL VOTE COUNTS: McDowell 20-4, Lucci 24-8, Chetry 24-14, Fernandez 14-18, Berry 11-18.

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Photo credits: Berry courtesy Hallewood; Fernandez courtesy Cameron Cole; Lucci courtesy Gossip Boy.

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