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NAME: Kathryn Tappen

WHO IS SHE: NBC Sports reporter, probably best known for hosting National Hockey League coverage

HER STYLE: Shoulder-length sidepart with adjustable waves

WHY WE LIKE IT: NBC colleague Jeremy Roenick got suspended for something like this - but we'll say she knows how to keep the right side of her style in place. And as close as it comes to her right eye, that's vital. Especially when the hair is straight, we think she must use spray for control. Whatever the brand, it works very well. And she has the smarts to wear hats outdoors in potentially troublesome situations.

SUPER-HAIR? As soon as we wrote that last sentence, we found an old sporting goods commercial for hats - and she needed one, as she mentioned having a "bad hair day" in the back seat of a taxi. Rolled-down windows threw hair in her face. So the answer is no, based on her time at NESN. But we think she's doing better now, in the network "major leagues." [Posted 12.27.19]

NAME: Ally Brooke

WHO IS SHE: Pop singer with tunes such as No Good; formerly with the group Fifth Harmony with Camila Cabello

HER STYLE: Long center-part, with natural-looking beachy waves

WHY WE LIKE IT: She stole the show for us with her opening medley at the Miss Universe 2019 contest. She flipped the hair a lot, but it never fell in her eyes over several minutes. We take that to mean she flipped it carefully. For a few minutes, we actually wondered if her hair was better than the contestants who were walking on stage.

SUPER-HAIR? As we feared.... it's not. She has plenty of provocative poses with her hair at the very edge of her eyes - but also a few where it's dropped. That's too bad. But her display at Miss Universe could inspire a lot of Hair Fans to find Fifth Harmony videos online - because the hair there apparently was better than we knew. [Posted 12.13.19]

NAME: Dr. Amina Aitsi-Selmi

WHO IS SHE: From her Twitter feed: "Transformational coach and consultant" based in London, reportedly advising top doctors and lawyers

HER STYLE: Based on recent YouTube photos, a shoulder-length sideparted bobloaded with natural curls

WHY WE LIKE IT: Her curls apparently aren't always like this, but we wish they were. They're full and inviting - but if you "go low" and reach for them, she'll probably thank you. Teasing around the crown (likely helped by spray) keeps looks like this in line. But to be honest, this look surprised us....

because this longer look from her profile pages is what attracted her to us. The longer curls are even fuller and wider. It's no wonder that this picture is making the social media rounds, and not the YouTube vidcaps.

SUPER-HAIR? It's awfully close, but we're saying no. Since the curls are natural, they're not likely to droop under ordinary circumstances. But a video from January with the shorter cut has a stray strand of curl which seems to drop into her right eye. All in all, though, this "life coach" must have a great hair coach. [Posted 11.29.19]

NAME: Yoonah Kim

WHO IS SHE: Classical clarinet player, performing with orchestras and on solo tours (not the member of a Korean rock band)

HER STYLE: Her promotional photo, which we saw first, shows a mid-length center part, with added wave and gradual bangs; her website hints the bangs may be gone for a wavy sidepart

WHY WE LIKE IT: The bangs are the key for us. They're light and potentially moveable at the forehead - but the longer they get, the higher the risk grows. She seems to have a flip of curl around the eyes for protection. But we wonder how strong it really is, and what sort of music could shake it into danger. Keep in mind that clarinets usually are two-hand instruments, so reaching for the style to make saves would be awkward.

SUPER-HAIR? We'd like to think so, but reluctantly conclude no. Her website has several performance clips where the bangs seem too long and cover an eye as she moves around. Maybe the more "glamorous" style is designed to stop that. Either way, we think she's worth a ticket to see what could happen. [Posted 11.15.19]

NAME: Simone Missick

WHO IS SHE: Actress currently starring in the new TV court drama All Rise; perhaps best-known for the Marvel movie Luke Cage

HER STYLE: Mid-length sidepart with a wide range of wave, from seemingly-natural full curl to softer looks like this one on her Twitter account

WHY WE LIKE IT: The curls tend to be medium-high when she's behind the bench on TV, and they come across as flawless. But the scripts take her away from the bench as well, and that's when the variety of curl is shown. No matter how she changes it, the styles seem to hold. The tighter the curl, the firmer and fiercer the hold.

SUPER-HAIR? We rise to the affirmative. Trailers and photos we found don't show any hair-dropping moments - and only a couple where she lets a strip of curl get tantalyzingly close to an eye. But we admittedly never saw her Marvel movie. If you did, please let us know: did "Misty Knight" have any dark moments of hair defeat? We're hoping not. [Posted 11.1.19]

NAME: Raveena Tandon

WHO IS SHE: Actress and movie producer in India

HER STYLE: Currently mid-length with plenty of added wave; part line and length have varied over the years

WHY WE LIKE IT: The Hair Fan who suggested her offered simply a photo with her hair longer, similar to our picture from Instagram. The right side of her style looks not only perfect, but heavy and strong. A good spray probably helps with that. But don't overlook what she does above the left eye - some combing over to create the space for the spray and waves to be effective.

SUPER-HAIR? Sorry. That same Instagram account has pictures where she apparently did not use those great tricks, and the hair plops into her eye. Where are the Bollywood stars who will resist such things - providing the hair tension often associated with other aspects of females in films? [Posted 10.19.19]

NAME: Lauren Blanchard

WHO IS SHE: Fox News reporter

HER STYLE: Currently a mid-length sidepart, usually with flipped wave (it's been straighter and longer)

WHY WE LIKE IT: For studio reports such as our vidcap, this is drop-dead perfect "anchor hair." Her right side is close to the eye, but undoubtedly sprayed so solidly that it's not going to move for a long time - and some Hair Fans would watch for it, anyway. Yet if she shook her head, the entire style probably would flex with tempting movement.

SUPER-HAIR? She's reported outside the studio often, and done well from what we've seen. So we say yes, and add her to the strong stable of Fox News styles that can make Super-Hair great.... well, you know.... [Posted 10.4.19]

NAME: Marie Forleo

WHO IS SHE: Life coach, motivational speaker/TV host and author; newest book is Everything is Figureoutable

HER STYLE: Long, a bit wavy, and up-front so you can tell

WHY WE LIKE IT: She wants you to live confidently, so she wears her hair that way. It's often very close to her eyes, but that allows her to lean and flex to keep some space. That allows the thickness of her hair to impress viewers as well.

SUPER-HAIR? We tried to be optimistic, but the answer is no. She's appeared in a couple of videos where she lets long hair practically cover her left eye. We're not sure why. Maybe she figured out Super-Hair control a bit later than that?! [Posted 9.20.19]

NAME: Allison Stokke

WHO IS SHE: Pole vaulter and fitness model; fiancee of golfer Rickie Fowler

HER STYLE: Medium-long and straight, parted a bit off-center

WHY WE LIKE IT: She unties her hair away from the track, and impresses when she does. This Instagram photo from The Tour Championship shows a nicely-polished style, with a very rare use of her ear for control. Put a golf hat on her head (check pictures from the Masters), and the long thickness with a touch of wave really shows. She has a history of concern about stalkers, so we suspect people guard that hat carefully.

SUPER-HAIR? Her name was suggested in comments during our annual "Who's Number One" Week. After checking lots of pictures, we understand why - but there's one famous photo from a meet where a strip of hair goes right down her nose. It probably didn't "vault" down there. So we lean toward saying no, but you'll hopefully understand if we watch PGA galleries more than the golfers. [Posted 9.6.19]

NAME: Clare McConnell

WHO IS SHE: Performer with Canada's Second City troupe; actress in Season 12 of Murdoch Mysteries and Star Trek: Discovery

HER STYLE: Mid-length, off-center, plenty of wave which could be loose or tightly curled

WHY WE LIKE IT: A Hair Fan told us she has "gorgeous thick curls and body." That visitor included a two-year-old red-carpet photo with rather wild waves. But she tames them well when the moment calls for it; our photo from a tour stop shows combing back is essential for success. And body? Look for photos from the 1890s-era mystery series, where the hair is piled well above her head.

SUPER-HAIR? The Hair Fan's picture left us doubtful. A windblown pose on Twitter, barely off her right eye, did not help. But we found nothing with a complete collapse. So she officially gets a "yes," but with a comedic smirk. [Posted 8.23.19]

NAME: Katherine Ryan

WHO IS SHE: Stand-up comic and panelist, based in Britain; posted while featured in "Glitter Room" on Netflix

HER STYLE: Normally long and wavy; she seems to prefer center parts, but can adjust

WHY WE LIKE IT: She clearly tries hard to keep her hair in line, and uses a lot of tools to do it. The waves really matter, providing plenty of weight and helping to keep hair behind the shoulders. She pulls sections behind her ears only as a last resort.

SUPER-HAIR? Her website has a "sizzle reel" which answers that. A steamy dance routine on office desks in 2016 (discretion advised) shows her hair straight, and bouncing into her eyes more than once. So when this funny woman is serious about hold, we say yes - but when she's not, she's not. [Posted 8.9.19]

NAME: Julie Nesrallah

WHO IS SHE: Operatic mezzo-soprano; host of Tempo classical radio program on Canada's CBC Music

HER STYLE: Shoulder to mid-length natural curls, parted a bit off-center

WHY WE LIKE IT: She's not from Texas, but these are Texas-sized curls - big, natural and seemingly playful. And to make things better, she hardly ever pins this hair down. Well-hidden bangs can come out and cover the forehead when wind becomes an issue.

SUPER-HAIR? If you think the inevitable answer is no, you're correct. An Ottawa Citizen photo from 2010 showed bangs a bit too long, curling into her left eye while the right side is pinched in to practically cover tht eye as well. But that doesn't seem to happen often. So if she comes to your town to perform, she's worth the price of admission - even if you can't understand a word she sings. [Posted 7.26.19]

NAME: Allison Winn Scotch

WHO IS SHE: Author of several best-selling novels; freelance magazine writer

HER STYLE: Medium-long and straight, off-center parted at an intriguing angle

WHY WE LIKE IT: "Soft looking and full," a Hair Fan told us by email. It apparently stays out of her left eye through round-brushing and some light spray, and stays invitingly close to danger. She uses the ears for security sparingly.

SUPER-HAIR? The answer is hiding in a 2010 interview on YouTube. As she casually explains nine things you don't know about her, a strand or two casually drops into her left eye for a moment. But we don't post authors with great hair very often here, so thank you for this "novel" idea. [Posted 7.12.19]

NAME: Wendie Renard

WHO IS SHE: Defender on the France Women's World Cup soccer team and Olympique Lyon

HER STYLE: Extreme neck-length teased comb-back; apparently straightened and cut for the cup because the FIFA team profile suggests tied-back curls

WHY WE LIKE IT: In a word: hold. Awesome hold. Enduring hold, even through 90-minute plus matches. Hold with no sign of pins, headbands or tiedowns. How she does it, we have no clue. (Maybe tons of spray? A permanent wave?) On most other women, a style like this would at least drop toward their faces by halftime. Hers simply refuses.

SUPER-HAIR? We didn't see the U.S.-France quarterfinal, but it barely became dissheveled duting the "round of 16" extra-time win over Brazil. So we say "oui" to this French star. While others have praised perfect ponies in Paris and other places, we salute a hairstyle that's as tough as the athlete wearing it - and maybe a little tougher. [Photo courtesy Getty Images/FIFA; posted 6.29.19]

NAME: Julia Macfarlane

WHO IS SHE: ABC News (U.S.) correspondent, formerly with BBC

HER STYLE: Shoulder-length combed-over sidepart

WHY WE LIKE IT: An impressed Hair Fan tells us her hair "looks thick, healthy and shiny." For the marvelous look we were provided, we suspect she relies a good bit on spray to keep it in place. At other times, a tuck-back with the ears comes into use.

SUPER-HAIR? Her Twitter profile picture hints at trouble, because a couple of strands are down on her forehead. An Instagram picture from a vacation in Bali settled it for us, as we think the breeze blew some strands across her left eye. So our answer is no, but we thank you for the suggestion - and considering she was born in Indonesia, the Super-Hair World Cup champion may have some competition. [Posted 6.14.19]

NAME: Christina Stembel

WHO IS SHE: Founder, CEO and "Chief Farmgirl" of Farmgirl Flowers, based in San Francisco

HER STYLE: Long with a natural slight wave, parted close to center

WHY WE LIKE IT: We saw her in a Capital One commercial and were impressed right away. Hair close to the eyes was flipped into rolls of curls. They apparently weakened in her warehouse during the filming. But like the flowers she sells, she refused to let them droop down to ugly disaster.

SUPER-HAIR? We found one wind-blown picture on Twitter with hair all around her face, yet somehow not in her eyes. But all the other pictures looked great. So we'll say she has it, until we're proven wrong - and as she probably knows, one windy day on a farm can change everything. [Posted 5.31.19]

NAME: Sabrina Texidor

WHO IS SHE: Actress who won an ABC 2017 digital talent contest; appearing in the upcoming TV series Grand Hotel

HER STYLE: Medium-long center-part with varying amounts of wave (she added the Snapchat hearts)

WHY WE LIKE IT: A Hair Fan praises her for "very nice body and thickness, rich color." She probably needs some spray to keep the hair out of her face. But that's OK, because she doesn't seem to use much. It's a soft look, that dares you to test how strong it really is.

SUPER-HAIR? Officially, we're saying yes - but if we watched her over a long period, we fear the real answer would be no. She posted a couple of extremely close calls when she joined Instagram, leaving us to think a breezy day could put her in trouble. We suspect she'd invite us to watch her new series to find out. [Posted 5.17.19]

NAME: Brittany Pettersen

WHO IS SHE: Colorado State Senator; former state Representative

HER STYLE: Medium-long sidepart (longer than our vidcap shows), with wave at the ends that she can adjust; occasionally with added bangs

WHY WE LIKE IT: She seems to be serious about not only issues, but hair control. She turns up the wave for major occasions, such as this interview with NBC. She wears glasses at times, which work as a warning and a block of strands getting too close to her face. Her hair seems to go behind the ear for safety as a last resort.

SUPER-HAIR? If "anti-" websites don't post ugly hair pictures, that's a good sign for her. But when NBC interviewed her and four "best friends" in the legislature, she posed with her left side bending down and almost covering an eye. It's close, but we think the style was defeated - which is more than Republican candidates have done so far. [Posted 5.3.19]

NAME: Dr. Katie Bouman

WHO IS SHE: Computer scientist on team that recorded the first known picture of a "black hole" in space; in line to become assistant professor at Cal Tech

HER STYLE: Shoulder to armpit-length sidepart with light natural wave

WHY WE LIKE IT: There's plenty of plush thickness here, and she's not afraid to bring it in front of the shoulders and on full display. She uses the left ear for control when necessary - and sometimes she shows an "inside-out" tuckback (look up her TED talk) which is high-risk, yet holds fabulously.

SUPER-HAIR? We found nothing to disqualify her, so we'll say yes. If she's brilliant enough to develop an algorithm for compiling astronomical data, she also can be intelligent enough to develop a long-lasting hairstyle that looks great. Hair Fans who dream of outsmarting her to bring it down probably will find they can't outsmart her in the slightest. Brains and beauty don't get much better than this. [Posted 4.19.19]

NAME: Whitton Frank

WHO IS SHE: Actress, model, producer and writer, perhaps best known for the 2016 series Murder in the First

HER STYLE: Shoulder-length or longer sidepart with natural curls

WHY WE LIKE IT: A Hair Fan was impressed by her "gorgeous red curls." While she occasionally straightens them, the curls are thin and tight. if they're unwrapped, that means they're subtle. But we think they're at their best when fully wrapped, because we'd want to work through them - and it probably would take a delightfully long time.

SUPER-HAIR? To be, well, frank, no. Check the modeling pictures of her own website, and the proof should be on page one. The hair appeared combed across her right eye. That's another reason why wrapped curls are better, if you want strong hold. Debra Messing remains our gold standard of red curly success. [Posted 4.5.19]

NAME: Claudia Doumit

WHO IS SHE: Actress last seen in the U.S. TV drama Timeless

HER STYLE: Medium-long or longer, parted a bit off-center; normally slightly wavy

WHY WE LIKE IT: "Hair looks very soft. Great body," a Hair Fan told us. It's also apparently strong as well; our vidcap comes from an interview where a fellow actor came from behind and surprised her, yet her hair hardly moved through it all.

SUPER-HAIR? We found nothing to hurt her in photo searches. So we'll say yes. But we admit we never saw her series, which had its finale nearly a year ago. If it held through a lot of "period pieces" in U.S. history, that would be timeless Super-Hair indeed. [Posted 3.22.19]

NAME: Jaime Ray Newman

WHO IS SHE: Actress appearing in the Netflix series The Punisher; co-producer of 2018 Academy Award-winning Best Live Action Short, Skin

HER STYLE: Her Oscar-winning look was a medium-long sidepart, with waves combed into three sections from top to bottom

WHY WE LIKE IT: She was a strong second in our poll for the best style of "Oscar Night" because her long hair was soft, thick and loose. That made her stand out from other women who preferred tied-down looks. And since her background is as a TV actress (once appearing on General Hospital), she has years of knowledge in how to make her hair look great for public occasions - even using bangs at times to do it.

SUPER-HAIR? She nearly won a yes vote from us, too. But far down in an image search, we found a photo where a strip of hair droops in her right eye on a red carpet. But she apparently was much younger. Her hair has strengthened with age, and that's no Skin off our back. [Posted 3.8.19]

NAME: Adele McClure

WHO IS SHE: Former policy director for embattled Virginia Lieutenant Governor Justin Fairfax; public speaker and advocate for homeless people

HER STYLE: Long near-center part with a hint of wave

WHY WE LIKE IT: Her official photo (which we're using) shows a good bit of thickness and an emphasis on control. Her right side is tucked far back, while the left side leaves us wondering: pinned or (we hope) not? Yet other photos on her Twitter feed suggest she's more likely to display natural combed-back thick curls.

SUPER-HAIR? Officially, we'll say yes. We have no evidence of a drop. But if we could see her hair more often, we fear the answer would be no. Her own social media posts hint at close calls in the last couple of years. We won't take sides in the Fairfax fight, but we're rooting for this woman and her hair to appear more in public. [Posted 2.22.19]

NAME: Liana Brackett

WHO IS SHE: Weather Channel meteorologist; Mrs. Georgia America 2018

HER STYLE: She's had several, but as we post her she's showing a straight lob with bangs across the forehead

WHY WE LIKE IT: "Awesome bangs!" proclaimed a Hair Fan on Twitter. We were pointed to a Groundhog Day tweet (oh, the irony) where they flex and bounce around a bit. The overall style does that as well - and does it very well, with hair coming close to the eyes without falling in them. That's what well-cut bangs prevent.

SUPER-HAIR? With her current look, yes - but she apparently hasn't had it long, to provide a good test. But her old look was a sidepart with no bangs and a big combover. Online pictures indicate that could have dropped in her eye on camera a few times. She certainly had very close calls. So our overall answer is a benefit-of-the-doubt yes. For this TV channel, she's very good - but not quite Kelly Cass-level Super. [Posted 2.8.19]

NAME: Kelly Vrooman

WHO IS SHE: Character actress/comedian, known currently for short online videos; earlier did voice work in The Chica Show and hosted The Sunny Side Up Show on Sprout TV

HER STYLE: Sidepart reaching a bit below the shoulders

WHY WE LIKE IT: A Hair Fan brought her to our attention because she marked "Great Hair Day" in mid-January and claimed on Instagram she won an award. We could find no corroborating evidence for the event or the award, but she seems to know how to keep the hair in line and good shape. She did it with bangs for years, so good control with the bangs grown out is even more impressive.

SUPER-HAIR? Her Instagram pictures show a windy day can push around her style. But it took a summer day at a beach to shove a wet strip diagonally across her face. So she's good, but not Super. Take-home lesson: if a comedian writes something about her hair, it might not always be the whole truth. [Posted 1.25.19]

NAME: Charlotte Hawkins

WHO IS SHE: Co-host of Good Morning Britain on ITV; announcer on Classic FM radio

HER STYLE: Shoulder-length, usually with a sidepart and varying amounts of wave

WHY WE LIKE IT: Adjustments in the wave can lead to a variety of looks. Whatever the look, she makes it effortless and natural, yet with strong hold. We're assuming she's a master of applying spray for control, from years of TV news experience. But if it's not sprayed into place, her hair strength is even more amazing than we imagined.

SUPER-HAIR? Even with that strength, we lean toward answering no. A red carpet picture on her website shows a drooping left side practically covering her left eye. But that appears to be a rarity - so we can understand why a Hair Fan suggested her for the Crown Awards. She was the "odd woman out" in a couple of competitive categories, but she's certainly worth a 6:00 a.m. wake-up call. [Photo courtesy Hello!; posted 1.11.19]

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