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September 2006: ALL-CAPS

If you're a real "coiffure connoisseur," as one publication recently used to describe visitors to this web site, you may be able to appreciate the strength and beauty of a variety of different hairstyles. But in many cases, Hair Fans boil their passion down to one look they prefer above all others. When they see it, their attention is seized. When they see it in top-quality form, they are in awe. And that can be true of short styles, as well as long ones.

KIMBERLY FOSTER was brought to our attention by a web site visitor, who wondered how we possibly could have left her out of consideration as Super-Hair. She was an actress on the old TV soap opera Dallas -- and we admittedly overlooked her while admiring the strong longer styles of Victoria Principal and Charlene Tilton. Foster showed a tight short style we're calling a "cap." It's different from a "helmet" because it appears to be cut all in one length, with no longer hair draping the back of the neck.

What makes this picture grab us is how the cap looks slightly tossed and "messy" - yet it's not really in a mess, because the style is cut carefully enough so that the strands seem incapable of falling in Foster's eyes. (But don't you wonder about that small strip next to her right eye?) This is a look that is playful, yet constructed by the stylist for long-lasting control.

MOLLYE BARROWS was submitted to us by this same Hair Fan, suggesting the cap is that person's favorite cut. Barrows is a TV newscaster in Pensacola, Florida, and shows a more precisely groomed version of Foster's look. With regular trims (and trimming of the bangs is an absolute must), this would seem to be a very simple style to prepare and maintain.


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