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December 2006: The Do's of Diana

Even though she was killed in a 1997 car crash, Britain's Princess Diana continues to fascinate many people. The release of an 800-plus-page investigation into her death should be evidence of that. But we prefer to focus on her life, and her mastery of short hair. A Hair Fan asked us recently to examine Diana's cuts, and how she was so successful with them. We'll follow historical order, as best we can:

JUNE 1981: Diana Spencer weds Prince Charles. This photo actually shows her hair weakened a bit - as pre-wedding pictures showed her hair swept to the side in a thick, heavy sidepart. But on the couple's big day, we discover the style is cut so bangs can fall across the forehead in difficult circumstances. Note how the hair is round-brushed back at the side, so the direction is away from her face.

1982: Here's what many might consider the classic "early Diana" style, on display shortly after the birth of Prince William. The hair on top is sizzled into position, probably with a curling iron. We suspect a blow-dryer is used to soften the crimp, with spray added on top to firm up the hold.

1984: This official royal photo shows a now-mother of two, holding baby Prince Harry. The princess's hair is as long as we recall ever seeing it, with no bangs at all. Yet her style still holds in place, kept out of her eyes by the use of brushing back and undoubtedly royally-strong hairspray. If the spray weakens, Diana's style plops down to defeat.

1985: The hair is trimmed a bit here, and seems to be cut in layers. That makes for a more natural look on top, although we're certain spray is still used to keep layers from collapsing.

(It's around this time that we spot the only photo we ever recall of Diana's 'do defeated. It was on the back page of a Life magazine, with skyscraper-fueled winds blowing from the back covering her face with hair. If you find that picture somewhere, consider it a rarity -- and be amazed by how out of place her style is.)


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