The Hair Fans' Hall of Fame: 2012


This is a Hall of Fame that is one-of-a-kind -- as the greatest hairstyles of modern times are nominated and confirmed by you, the Hair Fan. In 2012, we tied a record. Your three weeks of votes resulted in four new inductees into the Hair Fans' Hall of Fame!

KATHY IRELAND - INDUCTED. After falling short in 2009, this model-turned-entrepreneur made Hall of Fame history. She had unanimous support through 16 days of the 20-day voting period -- ending with not quite a "perfecto," but a record-high 98 percent "yes" vote.

JACLYN SMITH - INDUCTED. We admittedly forgot this star of the original Charlie's Angels was a finalist for the Hall in 2003. After nine years of waiting, she won 90 percent support and praise from a supporter for "amazing" hair.

LANA TURNER - INDUCTED. The Hair Fan who offered this movie star of the mid-20th century admitted it was a choice from "left field." Yet she breezed to 81-percent support, for "classic" hair "long before extensions."

EVA MENDES - INDUCTED. A movie actress and spokesmodel becomes the first "Latina" in your Hall of Fame with 79 percent support.

CRYSTAL GAYLE. A country singer and Ultimate 50 member missed the Hall for the second time in four years, as 54-percent support fell short of the required two-thirds majority. "She is an icon," contended one commenter; "it's just long," wrote another.

FINAL VOTE TOTALS: Ireland 40-1; Smith 35-4; Turner 29-7; Mendes 30-8; Gayle 19-16.

(NOTE: A Hall of Fame Veterans Committee was created in 2010 to offer its own candidates, but no one received the required majority for induction in 2012.)

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