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NAME: Lauren Molina

WHO IS SHE: Actress in New York stage shows such as Sweeney Todd and You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown; half of musical-comedy team The Skivvies

HER STYLE: Shoulder-length natural curls

WHY WE LIKE IT: "Nice bouncy looking curls," is how a Hair Fan described them. We think that's her best look, but she knows how to extend and stretch them to fit a role and a moment. Whatever she does with them, she knows how to position them well to stay away from her face - even straightening sections to tuck behind her ears if needed.

SUPER-HAIR? She had us ready to head for Manhattan and start hanging around stage doors. But deep in an image search, there's a quasi-romantic pose where she leans back and a roll of curl falls in her right eye. So we must say no - but that's the moment on stage we'd want to watch. Curl control is not always easy, yet she seems to take the drama out of it. [Posted 12.25.20]

NAME: Dr. Lindsay Weaver

WHO IS SHE: Chief Medical Officer with Indiana State Department of Health (not to be confused with the pro golfer)

HER STYLE: Long and center-parted with plenty of waves

WHY WE LIKE IT: When this woman appeared at a December COVID-19 briefing, we were astounded. This is a doctor near the "frontline" of the pandemic, yet this is a style that looks more prepared for a fashion runway than a basement bunker. The turns of hair around her cheeks likely are essential in keeping away from her face and in place.

SUPER-HAIR? She's had a few days where the waves broke down and she looked more like a busy working mother of five (which she is). But of all things, it took a virtual dance contest (she appears at the end) to bring down this style with a bit too much bounce into an eye. Awwwww - that's too bad for her. Because in this year of "quarantine cuts," she's proof that health care workers still can have healthy and impressive hair. [Posted 12.11.20]

NAME: Meredith Marakovits

WHO IS SHE: TV reporter for New York Yankees baseball games

HER STYLE: Medium-long blonde with deep teasing at the partline and degrees of wave

WHY WE LIKE IT: She was trending on our search engine, and pictures like this one on Instagram told us why. She knows how to prepare her hair for any situation, with more wave when necessary and not much tying-back. A high forehead works in her favor, as she can pull the long hair around her face to escape flopdowns.

SUPER-HAIR? It's awfully close, but we're going to borrow from her main network and say YES. Wind can blow her hair around, but we've found no proof that it blew the styles completely down. And we're not counting a couple of clubhouse Gatorade/champagne pours, because we make exceptions for wet hair moments. As Yankee radio legend John Sterling might say, this hair can be "Marak-o-lous" to behold. [Posted 11.27.20]

NAME: Kelly Powers

WHO IS SHE: New York "physician and surgeon," as she's titled on Fox News Channel; contributor to other TV outlets as well

HER STYLE: Medium-long and parted off-center; at her best with rolled waves

WHY WE LIKE IT: We found her through a clip of the old middle-of-the-night show Red Eye. She could easily make Hair Fans lose sleep with a perfect style like this - looking delicate and vulnerable, but undoubtedly sprayed into place. This is hair that we want to examine carefully, testing each curl for its weight and strength. The sections closest to her eyes probably are the sturdiest.

SUPER-HAIR? Based on the online search we did, our answer is yes. It's no wonder she's been a New York magazine cover model, as different looks for her are nearly as eye-catching. The drama would come when she walks the streets of Manhattan. What could a wind gust from around a skyscraper do? This former college cheerleader probably is ready for a "Powers play" - no emergency necessary. [Posted 11.14.20]

NAME: Olivia Krauth

WHO IS SHE: Reporter with the Louisville Courier Journal

HER STYLE: Currently mid-length natural waves, after being shoulder-length for years and sometimes straight-maned

WHY WE LIKE IT: She may work for a newspaper, but she seems to care about her hairstyles as much as any TV reporter. They always seem to be camera-perfect. And she has plenty of defense methods, from extra waves to a little tucking-back behind ears or shoulders.

SUPER-HAIR? In public appearances - yes, from what we can tell. She's a strong reporter with strong hair to match. When she reports on outdoor events like Brionna Taylor marches - we don't know. Journalists tend to turn their cameras toward the news event, not each other. If someone's doing the opposite (and you know who you are), please prove us wrong. [Posted 10.30.20]

NAME: Nimisha Odedra

WHO IS SHE: Comedian who appears in the short film HotHed and on BBC Radio's Asian Network

HER STYLE: Long sidepart, usually with natural waves

WHY WE LIKE IT: A Hair Fan who discovered her wrote: "Deep rich color; lots of shine, body and thickness". When she shows it off, it bounces temptingly close to an eye - more the stuff of Hair Fan drama than comedy.

SUPER-HAIR? Add some wind to that bounce, and the answer is no. Her Twitter account includes a "coronavirus walk" outside, where she struggled to keep control and the hair dropped more than once. But we thank you for introducing us to her - and we understand why "Nim" would make Hair Fans go "nom, nom." [Posted 10.16.20]

NAME: Tenille Townes

WHO IS SHE: Country singer who has won several awards in her native Canada

HER STYLE: Center-parted and long with natural waves

WHY WE LIKE IT: Her "U.S. premiere" moment at the Academy of Country Music Awards impressed us because it was so thick and flowing. She also let it rest sooo close to her eyes as she performed, which is something she apparently does a lot. Pins are scarce, and ears are used for protection sparingly.

SUPER-HAIR? Sadly, no. The music video Jersey on the Wall verifies it, as the left side drops in her eye inside a school gym. In a dream musical Super-Hair War of styles in their prime, Toni Tennille would defeat her - but we'd certainly want to watch. [Posted 10.1.20]

NAME: Kheira Hamraoui

WHO IS SHE: Soccer player for FC Barcelona and the French national team, adding her own fashion line

HER STYLE: Medium-long, often pulled back and around her face - and with, as a Hair Fan put it, "a seriously massive head of curls"

WHY WE LIKE IT: The curls certainly are attention-getting, and she seems to know that. While they're tied down during matches, they still are on display with lots of movement. (You can even monitor how much the curls wear down, over 90 minutes.) Then in fashionable photo shoots, they're well-prepared and invitingly up-front.

SUPER-HAIR? Non, madame. She lets the curls plop down in her face in several Facebook pictures. We realize some Hair Fans don't mind that. But for us, the "Far Too Wild" title should stay with a forgotten U.S. pro wrestler. [Posted 9.17.20]

NAME: Dove Cameron

WHO IS SHE: Actress and singer best known for the former Disney Channel series Liv and Maddie

HER STYLE: Medium-long, near center-parted with seemingly natural wave

WHY WE LIKE IT: We somehow missed her TV series, but couldn't help but notice her on a "teen magazine" cover. The look was similar to our Buzzfeed vidcap - loose, plush and vulnerable. Yet the waves give this look the hold it needs to stay marvelous, even when the wind blows (the article includes a scintillating Instagram clip which shows that).

SUPER-HAIR? We think she strives for it, and most of the time has it. But sadly, we found a few modeling pictures where she lets the hair cover too much of her right eye. They're very close, but we think it's down. Yet this woman should prompt many Hair Fans to declare open season for Dove-hunting. [Posted 9.4.20]

NAME: "Sonya Deville"

WHO IS SHE: WWE wrestler (we're using her assumed name); preparing as we post for a "hair versus hair" match at SummerSlam

HER STYLE: Long and roughly center-parted; we think at its best with added wave

WHY WE LIKE IT: It's a thick, rolling mane that invites you to take it on - and she's ready for you, if you try. She'll tuck the hair behind the ears, if she must. Then she'll go to work defeating you with body blows and death grips. For some, this is a Super-Hair dream come true. (BUT we must note we do not endorse what a man is accused of threatening to do at her Florida home.)

SUPER-HAIR? Don't we wish?! But no - sometimes even in photo poses, the style gets too wild and falls across her face. Yet we thank WWE for, uh, putting a new twist on our "Super-Hair Wars." Oh, and about that T-shirt she wears saying, "Put your hair up and square up" - who said you have to put it up? [Posted 8.21.20]

NAME: Trisha LaFache

WHO IS SHE: Theatre/TV/movie director, including the films Low Places and Six Angry Cubans; actress in the God's Not Dead movies

HER STYLE: Based on the most current photo we could find from February, mid-length, multi-layered and sideparted; seems fond of adding curl

WHY WE LIKE IT: A Hair Fan praises her for "awesome body and color." The fiery red certainly comes out in our picture. And curl seems essential to bringing out that body; it also helps keep the styles in line, although she uses her ears for control when necessary.

SUPER-HAIR? Sorry, but no. Her engagement photos from December 2019 prove it - as one picture with her future bushand have hair down across her left eye. But we see good potential with this style. And Hair Fans likely are disappointed to discover she's preferring to work behind the camera, not in front of it. [Posted 8.7.20]

NAME: Liz Harrington

WHO IS SHE: Spokesperson for U.S. Republican National Committee; formerly with Washington Free Beacon

HER STYLE: As we post this, a collar-length shag with bangs across the forehead

WHY WE LIKE IT: While she's had other looks, this one is well-cut and well-prepared. The bangs could be a bit thicker to strongly cover the forehead, but they're deep enough to allow bounce and movement overall. The drama is in whether the hair possibly could move enough to send hair into her eyes.

SUPER-HAIR? With other styles she's shown, we doubt it - but with this look, we're confident that it is. Yet for some reason, her hair appears thicker on some days than others. If she notes what she did for our photo and repeats it often, we'll certainly pay attention. "Blowouts" can be great for hairstyles, as well as political candidates. [Posted 7.24.20]

NAME: Barbara De Regil

WHO IS SHE: Mexican actress known for the telenovela Rosario Tijeras and workout videos

HER STYLE: Medium-long with adjustable part and waves

WHY WE LIKE IT: A British tabloid declared she has the "best abs in Mexico," and she often seems to have the hair to match. It's thick, flexing and seldom is tied down. As she says on Instagram, she's "loving it healthy" - from el pelo down.

SUPER-HAIR? Her birthday photo (posted) had us hoping. But no - it's dropped often, both on social media and in dramatic roles. Long hair of this sort in action dramas? We're all for it - but we root for the hair to win as much as the character does. Who can do it? [Posted 7.10.20]

NAME: Karynn Moore

WHO IS SHE: Actress known for movies such as Water for Elephants and the old TV series Jane By Design

HER STYLE: Mid-length, showing three distinct layers in the photo we were provided (which we think is a bit old)

WHY WE LIKE IT: A Hair Fan recommended her for "great body; looks very soft and healthy." She doesn't seem to use much spray to keep all that thickness under control. That means she does some careful head-tilting to keep it from dropping in public - and she seems to do it very well.

SUPER-HAIR? Sorry to say, it's not. One publicity photo shows a dramatic moment where her hair was straight and drooping in her right eye. That's apparently an exception, though - and it's too bad for all Hair Fans that she seems to avoid social media. This is hair worthy of all the drama we can find for it. [Posted 6.26.20]

NAME: Dr. Seema Yasmin

WHO IS SHE: Professor in "science journalism" at Stanford University; appearing often in TV interviews about the COVID-19 pandemic

HER STYLE: Mid-length with degrees of natural curl; the CNN clip where we noticed her had them full

WHY WE LIKE IT: She probably knows more of the science behind attractive hair than most people, and it shows. At their best, her thick curls flow seemingly without effort. They sometimes seem to be at the brink of overflowing, but we suspect her styles are sprayed to prevent that.

SUPER-HAIR? On TV, probably. Off TV, no. As we post this, the icon photo of her Instagram account proves it - showing a strip of hair across her left eye. But she's once again proof that brains and beautiful style can be an attractive mix. We could watch her talk about "antibodies" for a long time - because she's clearly not anti-body, when it comes to her hair. [Posted 6.12.20]

NAME: Makenzie Burk

WHO IS SHE: TV journalist in Lawton, Oklahoma

HER STYLE: Mid-length sidepart, probably round-brushed at the ends and to sweep the left side back

WHY WE LIKE IT: The television news "rule of threes" (don't ask where we learned that) applies for the Hair Fan who suggested her to us: "Great shine. Sometimes subtle waves. Perfect sidepart." We'd add a fourth point: great spray - because that must be how this style stays in place when she anchors the morning news. When she's outside the studio reporting on stories, she uses the ears frequently for control and does something to keep the styles straight and solid.

SUPER-HAIR? As we write this, yes. While wind can push her hair around, we found nothing to show it shoved down - especially on that high-risk left side. Not even her monthly "outdoor adventures" for TV seem to do it in. She's apparently a Lawton native, so she knows how to handle the elements there. Thanks for a big-time find, far from the big city! [Posted 5.29.20]

NAME: Afton Addington

WHO IS SHE: Singer in the country group Lost Saints (not to be confused with a musical group in Pennsylvania with the same name)

HER STYLE: Very long and center-parted; at its best with well-shaped waves

WHY WE LIKE IT: Some say good country music has a "hook" - and the hair does it for her. When the group made its TV debut on "Circle", we clearly had to stop and look. The style sat so close to her eyes, yet held so well. And Instagram photos show she's careful about keeping the hair in line at all times; the waves protect it from windy days.

SUPER-HAIR? From what we've found, it is. She has waves that a Hair Fan would want to ride all day, and they're strong when they need to be. But when she straighens this style.... oooh, we wonder. That's the drama here. So may she keep us wondering. [Posted 5.15.20]

NAME: Natulia Candy (so she says on Instagram)

WHO IS SHE: Self-proclaimed "long hair lady," with tips and product reviews online

HER STYLE: Very long and frequently straight sidepart

WHY WE LIKE IT: While she braids it often, she also wears it loose often - and she cares about it enough to keep it under control for the camera. Not all women in this category do that.

SUPER-HAIR? Based on her Instagram portfolio, we say yes. There's nothing to show a drop in her eyes. A Hair Fan recommended this woman for EuroCup 2020, but was unsure of her homeland. Since we don't read Cyrillic, we don't know, either. And that's the only thing that kept her out of the tournament - because this "Candy" has hair sweet enough to make many people hungry for more. [Posted 5.1.20]

NAME: Kelly Loeffler

WHO IS SHE: U.S. Senator from Georgia; also co-owner of WNBA Atlanta Dream

HER STYLE: Medium-long sidepart, usually kept straight save for occasional curled tips

WHY WE LIKE IT: This is the most daring hairstyle we've seen in the U.S. Congress in a long time. Her vulnerable left side is hardly ever pinned. She doesn't even tuck it behind her ear, like she sometimes does on the right side. This long hair is front and center, which is where she seems to want it - with little means of protection except tilts and shakes of the head, plus perhaps a little teasing at the crown.

SUPER-HAIR? We can't absolutely prove it, but we doubt it. One speech about coronavirus funding from late March had the left eye partly covered, but not all the way. And it's curious that her closest calls seem to come when she's wearing glasses, which you'd think would help keep the hair out. But when she rises to address the Senate, this is one reason why Hair Fans are thankful for commercial-free C-SPAN. [Posted 4.17.20]

NAME: Jennifer Morgan

WHO IS SHE: Co-Chief Executive Officer of the software company SAP

HER STYLE: Mid-length sidepart that strikes us as a modified shag

WHY WE LIKE IT: A Hair Fan suggested her for "nice color, body and slight wave." We think the critical wave on her right side is round-brushed and sprayed. But keeping that section of hair out of her right eye must be her biggest challenge. During a lengthy interview on CNBC, she tilted her head slightly as in our photo much of the time to keep some room. (And it was a "work-from-home" interview.)

SUPER-HAIR? We had our doubts, but she proved us wrong. With occasional "touch checks," this hair stays in place remarkably well. In fact, one image search for her brought up a couple of photos of Hair Fan's Hall of Fame member Jennifer Aniston. At this point in their careers, this hairstyle probably would defeat Aniston most days. Thanks for showing us that "board room" hair doesn't have to be boring. [Posted 4.3.20]

NAME: Katie Witham

WHO IS SHE: Fox Sports reporter, specializing in soccer

HER STYLE: Long sidepart with varying amounts of curl

WHY WE LIKE IT: It's daring when it's unpinned. She used long flips for the opening game of FC Nashville in MLS. With tighter curls for body, it can rest very close to her right eye. But she knows how to keep it out of that eye, with head adjustments and very little touching. She reminds us of Samantha Ponder before Ponder's big 2019 cuts.

SUPER-HAIR? Call us optimistic, but we're saying yes. The curl obviously is crucial for control, ut it adds to the beauty of her styles. That's a great combination. Even though soccer matches have stopped due to COVID-19, may she keep bending her hair like Beckham - David, we mean. [Posted 3.20.20]

NAME: Ursula von der Leyen

WHO IS SHE: President of the European Commission; former German defense minister; 2016 Crown Awards nominee

HER STYLE: Short and oft-swept back sidepart, with subtle layering (it was below her shoulders years ago)

WHY WE LIKE IT: She thrilled a Hair Fan who wrote: "Always perfectly coiffed!" If you don't sense that thrill, consider this: her hair might blow back a little in windy conditions - but it never seems to blow forward. Especially not where it matters most, at the left part of her forehead. We imagine she sprays it all-around to keep a perfect look.

SUPER-HAIR? Videos online show this hair scarcely even moves when she runs a little! Teasing + spray + layering for "warning bangs" on the forehead = marvelous perfection - so perfect that we're not sure if the style can fall in her eyes or not. So our answer in German is, "Ja, unbedingt" - and "dankeschoen" for recommending her! [Posted 3.6.20]

NAME: Erin Napier

WHO IS SHE: Co-host of HGTV series Home Town

HER STYLE: Short sidepart; we were drawn to a look in Parade with layers combed across the crown

WHY WE LIKE IT: It's short, but not too short. In fact, the styling leaves us wondering if it's dangerously too long. Could a windy day bring the style down - and if it did, are the layers short enough to become protective bangs? Her styles without layers certainly can drop in her eyes, but she seems to use oil and/or spray to prevent that.

SUPER-HAIR? She had us going, as we did a picture search - but no. A parenting website posted a vidcap from her show, where the style drooped across her right eye during a home renovation. But that doesn't seem to happen often. She's called Meg Ryan her hair inspiration, and that's a good one. In some ways, we think she's actually superior. [Posted 2.21.20]

NAME: Angeline Mirenda

WHO IS SHE: From her Twitter feed, an "actress/dancer/singer/writer" - perhaps best known for musical theatre and the TV series Halloweeners

HER STYLE: A long shag - sideparted with sideswept bangs and tips stretching nearly to the bust line

WHY WE LIKE IT: A Hair Fan offered three reasons: "Great thickness, rich color, great bangs." The tension for us is whether she's growing out those bangs. If someone or something pushed them off the side of the forehead, what would happen? Her Twitter videos indicate they might be stunningly close to her eyes - with one "tab" clearly against the right eye. This is the stuff of Super-Hair drama!

SUPER-HAIR? Her hair is built to handle motion, and it does that well. We're honestly not sure if a fight scene on her Instagram account brought the hair down or not; it was fast-paced and dimly lit. So we'll lean toward saying "yes" until proven otherwise - and we'd certainly want to see that proof. Thanks for a great discovery! [Posted 2.7.20]

NAME: Lindsey Gort

WHO IS SHE: Actress currently appearing in the TV drama All Rise

HER STYLE: Shoulder-length or slightly longer sidepart with waves; might have well-hidden bangs

WHY WE LIKE IT: She plays an attorney, and her hair is perfect for impressing a jury. It seems to be molded into precise lines, probably sprayed down - and is often set so close to the right eye that the hold is stunningly strong. Turns and tilts don't seem to budge it at all. Many Hair Fans might watch and plot a way to test how strong it truly is.

SUPER-HAIR? In her TV role, yes. In real-life, no. She posed for one dockside photo where she seemingly shoved her hair to completely cover her right eye. Will art imitate that at some point? That's what makes great courtroom drama for Hair Fans - and we're watching quite carefully. [Posted 1.24.20]

NAME: Kristen Skovira

WHO IS SHE: TV news anchor/reporter in Colorado Springs (she's been on the air in other places)

HER STYLE: Medium-long, with an apparently adjustable part line and a bit of what a Hair Fan calls "subtle waves"

WHY WE LIKE IT: That Hair Fan also praised her for "good body and color." The color's not our issue - but the "body" of evidence is there. It can take however much wave she adds (usually not a lot) and make it look marvelous. But we suspect she adds some spray to keep her styles precise on the air.

SUPER-HAIR? She's worked in a lot of cities, yet pictures of her online are surprisingly sparse. We found no sign of a drop in her eyes, so we'll give her a benefit-of-the-doubt yes. But as loose as her hair sometimes can be on social media, we want to see this style climb Pike's Peak. [Posted 1.10.20]

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