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NAME: Sarah Hay

WHO IS SHE: "Producer" according to her Instagram account; also an actress nominated for awards for the series Flesh and Bone

HER STYLE: Mid-length sidepart with natural curls; often combed back at the crown on one side

WHY WE LIKE IT: A Hair Fan praised her for "amazing color, body and thickness." When it's polished on a red carpet, that all comes forward well. But the comb-back on the right side (likely with added spray) makes control concerns easier. She only has to focus on keeping one side of her sty;e in line. And she uses several tricks to achieve that, from round-brushing to tosses back behind the shoulder.

SUPER-HAIR? The hair may be thick, but not thick enough to prevent disasters. In fact, her Instagram account has several examples of hair covering an eye. But plenty of redhead fans likely rejoice at the sight of her - as if to sing, "Hay, look me over." [Posted 12.24.21]

NAME: Sarah Coates

WHO IS SHE: Anchor with the Israeli news channel I24

HER STYLE: Mid-length with some waves, parted a bit off-center

WHY WE LIKE IT: We saw her on cable TV during a recent road trip, and found a woman unafraid to wear her hair close to her eyes at the anchor desk. We think she's at her best (and most dramatic) when the waves are turned up. Strong styles under television lights isn't always easy, but it appears hers hardly ever moves. We think occasional tuckbacks behind her ears are only for variety.

SUPER-HAIR? Before she joined her current network, she was a sports reporter in Australia and the Middle East. She somehow escaped a couple of windblown close calls, without making any noticeable adjustment. So we say yes - and may Hair Fans learn from this that I-24 is more than a highway in Kentucky. [Posted 12.10.21]

NAME: Princess (Catharina-) Amalia

WHO IS SHE: Daughter of the King and Queen of the Netherlands

HER STYLE: Mid-length adjustable part with a hint of brushed-back bangs

WHY WE LIKE IT: A bit of added wave has turned this hair from ordinary to outstanding, as she turns 18. Add careful brushing, a bit of lift around the forehead and top-quality hairspray that probably only royals can afford. The result: a look that sits close to the eyes and seems vulnerable, but likely fights off light breezes well.

SUPER-HAIR? The "ordinary" side provides the answer, and it's no. Windy occasions during her mid-teens made a strip blow across her face, because a sweeping lower curl wasn't strong enough. But give her credit for developing a sturdier style with age. The Princess of Orange now can be like a red stop light for Hair Fans. [Posted 11.26.21]

NAME: Bailey Kai

WHO IS SHE: Model and actress appearing in the TV-movie The Wrong Cheerleader Coach and the upcoming film Bonded

HER STYLE: Medium-long sidepart with natural waves

WHY WE LIKE IT: "Great thickness and curls," a Hair Fan told us. So thick, in fact, that she uses a comb-back approach at times - lifting the hair at the crown to clear the forehead. She keeps the overall style behind her shoulders often, and puts it behind the ears for protection at times. But some Hair Fans would want to bring it all forward somehow.

SUPER-HAIR? Not O-Kai. Her Instagram account (humorously named for some reason "BKValueMeal") has several photos of hair in an eye. As thick and full as her hair is, that doesn't really surprise us. But women with Super-Hair find ways to keep the control at all times - so their styles don't get Kai-O'd. [Posted 11.12.21]

NAME: Angela Rayner

WHO IS SHE: Member of Parliament in Britain; Labour Party deputy leader

HER STYLE: Medium-long with bangs across the forehead; better for us with added waves as pictured

WHY WE LIKE IT: The waves give the impression of action. But deep-down, this self-described "bombastic" promoter of liberal politics has a conservative cut. The bangs may get tossed, but they're cut deeply enough that her long hair never seems to threaten her eyes (much less her mouth).

SUPER-HAIR? From what we've seen, she has it. She's willing to sacrifice the bangs in wind-blown interviews to keep the long hair back. Yet not even the most fiery speech against Conservative Party "scum" (her word) seems to cause trouble for her. For her hairstyle, we mean. [Posted 10.29.21]

NAME: Kausar Mohammed

WHO IS SHE: Actress appearing in the premiering TV series 4400 and earlier short-lived series Dirty Laundry and Unfair & Ugly

HER STYLE: Per Instagram, currently a naturally-wavy chin-length sideparted bob

WHY WE LIKE IT: "Deep rich color, great thickness and curls," said the Hair Fan who wrote us. There was no mention of length - and we can't help wondering if the writer knew she has this look now. For years, her hair was much longer. Either way, the curls are attractively tempting. And with the shorter cut, she seems to have bangs to reduce the risk of a drop.

SUPER-HAIR? That Instagram account answered the question right away. She reclines with a dog, and the chair pushes hair into her right eye (opposite the sidepart side). Unfair? OK, maybe. Ugly? When her hair is at its best, it's absolutely not. [Posted 10.15.21]

NAME: Ashlyn Pearce

WHO IS SHE: Host of game streaming on YouTube and Twitch; former actress on TV's The Bold and the Beautiful and Hand of God

HER STYLE: Long with an adjustable part; apparently naturally straight, but she likes to add waves for photo shoots

WHY WE LIKE IT: The Hair Fan who suggested her didn't offer a comment, but her social media accounts say it all. She's not afraid to place her hair at the brink of her eye. But the attractive well-wrapped curl doesn't seem to weaken. To borrow from a Twitter post, she seems to keep her "head and standards high" and be a "lady with class" when it comes to style control.

SUPER-HAIR? Sorry. Her photo gallery at IMDb includes "Marvel Murder Mystery" scenes where her thick hair is blown completely across her right eye. Yes, we know, it was an acting role. But ooooh - wouldn't you love to be the villain in one of her movie scenes? Reaching for the curl, to try to untwist it.... one dramatically slow turn at a time.... uhh, we'd better stop there. [Posted 10.1.21]

NAME: Jessie Coffield

WHO IS SHE: Spokesperson for Draft Kings; host of "The Sweat" sports gambling show

HER STYLE: Mid-length, usually straight but can have added wave

WHY WE LIKE IT: She shows a variety of looks with this cut. Some are ultra-careful, with headbands. Others are high-risk, with it bouncing very close to her eyes in commercials. But she knows how to keep things controlled, even when she recorded segments on South Beach in Miami.

SUPER-HAIR? It's good that we didn't bet on her hair falling, because we've found no evidence of it. She gets a yes, unless Hair Fans show us otherwise. And to borrow from her ads, "making it rain" in a meteorological sense does not count. [Photo courtesy iSpot; posted 9.17.21]

NAME: Elizabeth Bond

WHO IS SHE: Actress/producer who appeared in the Funny or Die series (yes, this was the title) JustBoobs; academic coach with the "Pretty Smartly" website

HER STYLE: Mid-length, with what a Hair Fan calls "subtle waves"

WHY WE LIKE IT: That Hair Fan also praised her for "great color" and "nice body." She calls herself a "natural redhead" on Instagram - and a quarantine self-coloring session left her feeling "like I can take on the whole world." When the waves are turned up and a bit of spray is added, we think her hair probably can as well. She can put it extremely close to the eyes, yet it stays under control.

SUPER-HAIR? This came down to several videos she's posted at IMDb - and if a trip and fall during a commercial for tuna can't bring her hair down, we're not sure what can. Wind may weaken it, but this Ivy League grad knows how to keep it out of her face. So we say yes - she's a "pretty smartly" example of great hair. As this Latin instructor would say: here's to "pulchra et fortis capillum." [Posted 9.3.21]

NAME: Tamar Sher

WHO IS SHE: TV sports anchor in Evansville, Indiana

HER STYLE: Long and center-parted, with varying amounts of wave

WHY WE LIKE IT: We think the wave is critical for keeping this style in line. She can get away with a little or none in the studio, but she adds more for strength when she's outside. And when the waves are turned up, the bounciness of this hair is luscious and electric (the latter word borrowing from her Twitter feed).

SUPER-HAIR? That feed reveals wind is likely her biggest nemesis. But in a short clip from a game 14 July, the bounce went a touch too far - bouncing in and out of her left eye. So we regrettably say no. Yet that close-up look is marvelous and breath-taking. She can "Sher" those clips as long as she likes. [Posted 8.20.21]

NAME: Lauren Zima

WHO IS SHE: Reporter for Entertainment Tonight; host of recap show after episodes of The Bachelor

HER STYLE: Medium-long with a movable part and a variety of waves

WHY WE LIKE IT: She adjusts her style to the situation, and makes it all look easy. The part is near the center on TV workdays, likely supported by well-sprayed curl. But she seems to consider the sidepart a more elegant, red-carpet look. That can mean risky styles in breezy weather, but the hair somehow stiffens its hold around her eye.

SUPER-HAIR? Impressive and watchable, yes. Super, no. Leave it to Access Hollywood to prepare a video with a photo of strips of hair across her face. The competition between these show business news shows is that tough. [Posted 8.6.21]

NAME: Olivia Rodrigo

WHO IS SHE: Singer and actress appearing in the Disney TV series based on High School Musical

HER STYLE: Medium-long with a hint of natural wave

WHY WE LIKE IT: She's 18 and seemingly carefree, and this is a classic look to go with it. But she uses a holding trick that few other young women do - adjusting her part line. The center-part in our photo (from a red carpet) is Generation Z dynamic and high-risk. But she can move it to her left for times when she needs to keep her hair behind an ear or shoulders for control.

SUPER-HAIR? Even the sidepart is not foolproof - because a different outdoor red carpet showed hair drooping into her right eye. So for Disney, she may be the next generation of Selena Gomez. But when it comes to hair, she's not quite the second coming of Ashley Tisdale. [Posted 7.23.21]

NAME: Anne Wilson

WHO IS SHE: Christian singer, with breakout hit My Jesus (not to be confused with the singer in the rock band Heart)

HER STYLE: Long, parted near the center and with varying wave

WHY WE LIKE IT: The waves seem to be the key to this style's success. Sometimes they're soft and loose, but sometimes they're hard and stiff - probably sprayed that way for performances. Even though she plays the guitar as she sings, she doesn't "go Pentecostal" (we think church folks will understand) to send the hair out of line.

SUPER-HAIR? Her early videos show promise, so we'll give her an optimistic yes. As long as she shows the Biblical fruit of self-control on stage, her style is a high-risk winner. But to be honest, we think she wants you to focus more on "her Jesus" than her hair. [Posted 7.9.21]

NAME: Sha'Carri Richardson

WHO IS SHE: Former track star at Louisiana State; winner of women's 100-meter dash at U.S. Olympic Trials

HER STYLE: Our photo admittedly only hints at it - waist-length long, mostly straight except for a bit of twisting around her face. And, in her words, "loud and encouraging and dangerous" bright orange.

WHY WE LIKE IT: The comparisons with Florence Griffith Joyner are numerous and obvious. She runs with only a little pinning - and runs very fast. So the hair flies back on the track during races. She tends to keep it behind her shoulders for safety at other times. (We would also compare the athletes' nails, but that's for another website.)

SUPER-HAIR? Despite all the buzz she's gained, we must say no. While Flo-Jo used headbands and other tricks to almost always keep her hair out of her eyes, this woman lets the mane go wild and drop during celebrations - and it even seems to fall in her eyes at the starting line. Griffith Joyner is an Ultimate 50 member. This woman could break her speed record, but no further with us. Yet if you want to follow her down a track in Tokyo, we'd absolutely understand. [Posted 6.25.21]

NAME: Christina Ruffini

WHO IS SHE: CBS News correspondent, formerly at State Department and now at White House

HER STYLE: Mid-length natural waves, with an implied sidepart on the left

WHY WE LIKE IT: The key word here is "tease" - and we don't mean TV reporters promoting an upcoming story. She combs her hair back at the crown to make sure her face has plenty of space. We suspect it's sprayed on top, too, so hair close to her right eye doesn't get too close. Flip-curling the ends back help provide control as well.

SUPER-HAIR? We haven't seen her much, but we're saying "yes" because we like what we're seeing. This style probably takes a good bit of work to prepare. Yet she clearly knows what she's doing, and it works for her. On a windy day.... well, we're waiting to see. But she joins a long list of journalists making CBS the TV network of choice for Hair Fans. [Posted 6.11.21]

NAME: Andrea Meza

WHO IS SHE: Newly-crowned Miss Universe 2021; also a makeup artist and model in Chihahua, Mexico

HER STYLE: Medium-long and parted slightly off-center; usually straight, but waves can be added as in this Instagram photo

WHY WE LIKE IT: She can keep her hair safe and strong, behind her shoulders, and we suspect that's how she prefers it. But she can bring her style forward to show full power, when she wishes or needs it - yet still keeping control. So it's a bit like Wonder Woman: hair that's ready for almost any challenge.

SUPER-HAIR? We didn't watch her crowning, but the hair seemed to fare well. Early appearances have had a dramatic pose or two, but the styles aren't dropping. So we give her a tentative yes - and we thank the contest judges for bringing "sexy" hair back this year. This style is far, far more interesting to watch than the last Miss Universe. [Posted 5.28.21]

NAME:Rosalind Ventris

WHO IS SHE: Classical violist; co-artistic director (with her husband) of Britain's Cowbridge Music Festival

HER STYLE: Long with a hint of natural wave which gets turned up for performances; recently-added bangs fill the forehead

WHY WE LIKE IT: This is a concert-ready style, especially for musically dramatic moments. Her Instagram feed has clips showing the bangs bouncing with eye-popping perfection on key notes. And they're cut deeply enough to provide plenty of room for the long hair to flex and bounce. It's a great contrast: part of the style manuevering as it will, but another part seemingly ready to provide strong-holding protection.

SUPER-HAIR? Yes, with a double-forte. Even though the bangs may loosen at times to expose the forehead, this style has great control and beauty to match. And if anyone tries to come after her hair, she's armed with a bow. Bravo! [Posted 5.14.21]

NAME:Anna Wiernicki

WHO IS SHE: Washington correspondent who primarily appears on Nexstar TV stations across the U.S.

HER STYLE: Mid-length sidepart with a little natural waviness

WHY WE LIKE IT: Even though she's often outside and in motion during her reports, she prepares her styles very well for the camera. Wind might blow the hair back, but that makes the hair of this self-proclaimed "displaced Texan" wider and even more impressive. She uses her ears for security when she must (as in our vidcap), but we don't think she prefers that.

SUPER-HAIR? From what we've seen, she does. Even when she sets the style close to her left eye, she cares enough to keep it controlled. And she likes to wear bright colors, which make the blonde hair stand out even more. So when does she get her own show on NewsNation? [Posted 4.30.21]

NAME:Ivette Fuentes

WHO IS SHE: Hawaii-based woman (recently moved from New York), better known online as "Curly Evee" with more than 92,000 Instagram followers; hinting at starting an online business

HER STYLE: Mid-length with adjustable (duh) curl

WHY WE LIKE IT: We've posted the photo that almost left our jaw on the floor - a mix of waves and spirals that almost seems heavy enough to drop her head to the floor. But she can hold her head high, while providing step-by-step advice on how to make your curls almost as captivating. We want to get our hands on them - but if we did, we probably would never want to let go, which might upset her.

SUPER-HAIR? Several "how-to" videos show her hair wet. That's OK for the "before/after" effect. But she keeps her finished curls very close to her eyes. While that's tremendous and dramatic, we did find clips with hair covering one eye. So officially, our answer is no. But otherwise - wow. Others can have that different Ivette Fuentes, who specializes in quantum physics. Curl analysis gets Hair Fans going even more, and "Evee" offers evocative hair worth examining. [Posted 4.16.21]

NAME:Kristen Keech

WHO IS SHE: Host at Jewelry TV, who sings on the side; 2018 Crown Award nominee

HER STYLE: Sidepart in the shoulder-length to mid-length range (trimmed in mid-March)

WHY WE LIKE IT: Searches for TV shopping hosts have increased on our site lately. We can understand why this woman is among them, because she knows how to make waves work in her favor. They hold strongly for hours under potentially hot TV lights - making Hair Fans wonder how long they can last, and what it would take to wear them down.

SUPER-HAIR? Trouble is, she also wears her hair straight - and there's no drama there at all. Her website includes a picture of hair covering an eye. But with full-time waves - well, that we want to see. What might a shiny pointy diamond do? [Posted 4.2.21]

NAME:McKinzie Roth

WHO IS SHE: TV/radio entertainment reporter based in Indianapolis

HER STYLE: Long center-parted hair with added (we think) waves

WHY WE LIKE IT: We know center parts have their critics, but this is a great example of why they've come back in the 2020s. The waves are critical for keeping the hair out of her eyes - and she starts them quickly, a bit below eye-level. Heavy at the top allows the wave to be loose below the shoulders. Strong spray all-around keeps the look strong and secure. But she softens the style at times, based on the situation.

SUPER-HAIR? Beach photos on Instagram tell us this style can be blown around. And even a couple of posed modeling shots have found her hair at the very edge of defeat. But we didn't find any (and we checked many) with her hair completely in an eye. So we say an enthusiastic yes to a case where heaviness = strength = beauty. Try to unroll her waves, and it probably would take awhile. Not that some Hair Fans would mind that. [Posted 3.19.21]

NAME:Dr. Rochelle Walensky

WHO IS SHE: Current Director of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control; former Harvard professor and executive with Massachusetts General Hospital

HER STYLE: Neck-length sidepart with long "bangs" on her right side

WHY WE LIKE IT: We put bangs in quotes, because they provide the drama here. An image search shows they're sometimes short enough to stop above her right eye. But at other times, they seem almost long enough to tuck behind her ear. It all depends on when she trims them; at the long end of the period, we suspect she uses a flip curl and spray to keep them from collapsing.

SUPER-HAIR? A presumptive no, we say - "presumptive" because the long right side has drooped on-camera several times, practically falling in her eye if not actually doing so. On-time trims made Dorothy Hamill's wedge an amazing Super-Hair legend. But if this doctor gets too busy fighting COVID-19.... well, we understand why that would take top priority. But quick trips to a salon would keep her style precise, while keeping Hair Fans' attention. [Posted 3.5.21]

NAME:Stacey Plaskett

WHO IS SHE: Virgin Islands' elected representative in U.S. House (she calls herself a "Congresswoman"; others say "Delegate" is more accurate)

HER STYLE: She has a wide range, but we're honoring the neck-length curled look she displayed as part of the prosecution team in "Trump Trial II" after his impeachment

WHY WE LIKE IT: She pulled off a perfect style by pulling back her hair with teasing, then likely using a good deal of spray. Turning up the curl brought the overall style forward - but when she made stern points, the hair barely budged.

SUPER-HAIR? We're saying yes. She's had a close call or two with other styles. But we think this one is a winning look, even if her side didn't win a conviction in the U.S. Senate. Maybe her "breakout moment" will inspire Hair Fans to check for more on the beaches of St. Croix. [Posted 2.19.21]

NAME: Alexa Knierim

WHO IS SHE: Part of U.S. champion figure skating team with Brandon Frazier; Olympic bronze medalist in 2018

HER STYLE: Mid-length, parted a bit off-center; at its best with waves

WHY WE LIKE IT: Her curled ponytail was the most thrilling style we saw in competition at the 2021 U.S. Nationals. She was tossed in the air a couple of times with her body spinning, and we wanted to stop the video at every turn to see how the curls handled it. They did very well, with no sign of weakening during a four-minute program. Her Twitter feed indicates her unpinned styles stand up well off the ice as well.

SUPER-HAIR? We haven't found much with her hair unpinned, but from our viewing it is. Her recent history includes a serious health crisis, and she's come back well from the top down. After years of ultra-tight styles, figure skaters finally are loosening their performance hair a bit - and we hope she continues to set a strong example. [Posted 2.5.21]

NAME: Katie Amess

WHO IS SHE: Actress in movies such as Fifth of July and videos promoting LinkedIn; daughter of a long-time British Parliament member

HER STYLE: Medium-long sidepart; frequently straght and round-brushed

WHY WE LIKE IT: A Hair Fan wrote about her: "Great color, body, and looks natural, not stiff." While we haven't seen her much, we imagine a bit of roundedness provides her with a bouncy style when she wants it. When she occasionally adds waves, that's even better.

SUPER-HAIR? "Natural" sometimes can be trouble - and it is with her. Several photos on her Twtter feed show her hair in her eyes. So when it comes to style, her last name sometimes is sadly prophetic. [Posted 1.22.21]

NAME: Rebbeca "Becky G" Gomez

WHO IS SHE: "Latin pop singer" and actress, according to her website

HER STYLE: Long sidepart, at its best with added waves

WHY WE LIKE IT: She placed second in our poll for best hair at 2020 American Music Awards, and was our best discovery of the show. The style was glamorous, yet rested close to her right eye - but she cared enough not to do anything to disrupt it. That seems to be her habit with other styles and musical events as well.

SUPER-HAIR? At musical events, maybe. In photo shoots, sadly, no. An image search will bring you several settings where she posed with her hair in one eye. But "B-plus" hair from this "G" isn't bad at all. And she leaves us asking a tantalizing question: if this Gomez faced Selena Gomez in a Super-Hair War, who would win - and why? [Posted 1.8.21]

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