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May 2007: Curls Gone Wild

From time to time, we're asked what our favorite hairstyle is. That's not an easy question to answer -- because if you browse around even this section of the web site, you'll see we find traits to admire in a lot of different looks. But over the last few years, we've concluded there's one particular aspect which seems to make us stop in admiration more than anything else. It's the attractiveness of curls, whether in one small area or throughout a style.

A curl is.... mysterious.

Take MELANIE HALL, a TV news producer in the U.S. Midwest. If you walked past this head of curls, would you conclude they're naturally hers -- or something chemically produced through a perm or rollers? You might not know the answer at a glance. But curl fans would be very willing to stop and analyze them -- carefully. Maybe counting the full turns, or pondering how they would look straightened out, or wondering how they would feel if you touched them.... well, you get the idea.

A curl is.... soft.

A singer named KIENJI displayed this, when she sang in the soul group LovHer. She told Super-Hair in 2003 her curls are "natural, free, springy" - so springy that total strangers would come up to her and ask to touch them. A soft look is what she wanted, and she developed it amazingly well. So well, in fact, that her style had spectacular deep-down hold as a bonus.

A curl is.... strong.

MELINA KANAKAREDES of CSI: New York provides "evidence" of this. She tends to keep her all-natural curls on the firm, controlled side. The result is a style which never seems to weaken, and built to guard against flyaway strands. Yet....

....if you remember her from the Providence years, her hair was worn a bit looser. There seems to be a "stiffness-softness" scale when it comes to curls, and it doesn't take much of an adjustment in preparation to switch from one side to another. (It's a bit tempting to compare them to rotini pasta, before or after it's cooked.) Which leads us to our next point....


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