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June 2008: Bangs in the Long Run

Many women include bangs in their hairstyles, for a variety of reasons. They can range from an unsightly forehead to protection from windy conditions. Perhaps the most intriguing contrast occurs when short bangs are part of an overall long style.

KAREN CARPENTER first introduced us to this approach in the 1970s. Bangs were perfectly trimmed at the eyebrows, and cut to a depth of about two inches on either side of her eyes. The rest of the hair was shoulder to chest-length - which meant the style could move as much as she did, except at the crucial area around the face.

Here's how a high school student of that era copied Carpenter's cut - although we're told this was not her intent when she developed this style. Yet she illustrates what we consider this look at its best. Thick bangs fill the forehead, almost daring something to loosen them and expose what's behind them.

While that student's hair was very good (better than she gave herself credit for), it wasn't quite Super-Hair. The bangs split above the left eye in this photo, to expose the forehead. We're not sure what led to it.

Carpenter didn't always cover the forehead with her bangs. She split them down the middle for the cover of the Close to You album -- yet they held firm, even though some wind is obvious from the ends on her right side. Many Hair Fans might be drawn to the movement, and overlook the strong hold at the top which can make this Super-Hair.

But admittedly, there was a picture or two where Carpenter's long hair blew across her face despite the bangs. Others would come along, to make this look even more Super.


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