The Hair Fans' Hall of Fame - 2016


Welcome to a Hall of Fame that is unique for a couple of reasons. It's exclusively online (for now). It honors the women with the best hairstyles of modern times. And everyone in this hall is selected by you, the Hair Fan - both in nominations and voting.

In 2016, the voting was light - but it ended with three new members being inducted in the Hall of Fame!

Class of 2016

LYNDA CARTER - INDUCTED. The entertainer best known as TV's "Wonder Woman" fought off the scoffers, leading the vote parade at 85 percent and winning praise for "classic" and "wonderful.... thick, gorgeous hair!"

JOAN LUNDEN - INDUCTED. The longtime host of Good Morning America proved her popularity, entering the hall with 80-percent support. "Always on the leading edge of style... Great thickness, too," wrote one supporter.

ANA CABRERA. A host and correspondent at CNN was on our Hot List in 2014, but she falls short of the required two-thirds for induction at 53 percent. "Looks OK when delivering the news," one voter wrote, "but no Hall of Famer."

SARAH PALIN. The Alaska politician and Crown Award winner gained a majority of the votes, but 53 percent isn't enough to enter the Hall.

ANGIE HARMON. An actress who was one of our first Crown Award winners didn't thrill a lot of voters, receiving only 47-percent support.

In addition, the Hair Fan's Hall of Fame has a Veterans Committee which offers candidates under special rules. In 2016, the committee agreed on one addition to the hall....

SUZY KOLBER. An ESPN reporter and host who has won four Crown Awards since 2003, and was the first to win Best Short Hair twice.

Final vote counts: Carter 17-3, Lunden 12-3, Cabrera 10-9, Palin 9-8, Harmon 7-8.

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