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November 2011: Long-Lasting Short Cuts

We were stunned to learn more than a year after the fact that a woman whose hair we admired died at the age of 50. She showed style perfection during an era when solid perfection was prized. This is a tribute to someone who knew what to do with short hair, and apparently displayed that skill over several decades.

CAROLYN FEE is someone we came to know during college. This photo actually shows her receiving an award for her hair during her junior year! And this look was very deserving -- cut collar-length at the back, but locked into perfect position in front with sizzled curl and spray.

We've blown up an admittedly small picture from a college yearbook, for an up-front look at this cut. There's perfect curl on her "vulnerable" left side, beginning a couple of inches back from the forehead on the part line. (It was only fitting that she gave the credit for this look to a salon called Hair Benders.)

As far as we know, Carolyn kept this style throughout college. And as far as we know, she kept it in perfect shape day after day. On a hilly campus notorious for windy conditions at certain times of year, this was quite an accomplishment. Then Carolyn went to graduate school and into business, and we lost track of her -- but thankfully, several new friends became impressed with her as well.


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(SPECIAL NOTE: If you have pictures of Carolyn Fee from her high school and college years in Kansas, we'd like to add them to this section. Please send us e-mail with a photo attachment.)

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