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Welcome to a Hall of Fame that is unique for a couple of reasons. It's exclusively online (for now). It honors the women with the best hairstyles of modern times. And everyone in this hall is selected by you, the Hair Fan - both in nominations and voting.

The doors to the Hall of Fame open only once a year. And for 2018, we're welcoming three new members to the Hall!

Class of 2018

REBECCA GAYHEART. "The best in class," one voter wrote simply. The actress and model's birthday happens to fall on our Induction Weekend, and Hair Fans gave her top honors with 93-percent support.

CHERYL (TWEEDY COLE). The British pop singer, emcee and model won 85-percent backing, with one praising "gorgeous thickness and body."

KATHERINE ROSS. The long-haired actress and author grew rapidly on voters, after a sluggish start. They pushed her across the finish line like Butch Cassidy on a bicycle, as she gained 68-percent support.

STEPHANIE SEYMOUR. One of the first "supermodels" didn't quite have hair Super-enough for our voters. She misses the hall with 65 percent supporting her, which is less than the required two-thirds - and falls one vote short of induction!

DEBORAH NORVILLE. The host of Inside Edition remains outside the Hall of Fame, but not by much. Only 63 percent of our voters backed her nomination.

(The Hall of Fame also has a Veterans Committee, which evaluates styles under specific criteria. The committee did not approve any women for induction in 2018.)

FINAL VOTE TOTALS: Gayheart 27-2, Cheryl 17-3, Ross 27-13, Seymour 15-8, Norville 17-10.

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