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NAME: Ali Bradley

WHO IS SHE: Reporter for NewsNation, becoming based in Phoenix; formerly an anchor in Seattle

HER STYLE: Medium-long, well-teased at a sidepart point; usually with waves, but can be straight

WHY WE LIKE IT: A Hair Fan put it this way: "Nice waves, length, color." The waves might add a bit of strength to her basic style, but we think the key is at the crown; combed either back, or up-and-over. Based on her Instagram account, we suspect she also adds a bit of spray for control.

SUPER-HAIR We don't think so. She's often outside along the U.S.-Mexico border, where wind can blow this style back. And what was that photo we found from her Seattle days, where she was sitting on a bathroom sink? The straight look appeared down in her left eye. But she certainly has hair worth watching, so we thank you for this suggestion. [Posted 12.23.22]

NAME: Althia Raj

WHO IS SHE: Reporter and columnist for Toronto Star; regular panelist on CBC News programs in Canada; podcast host

HER STYLE: Medium-long, with soft waves on the day we saw her on TV

WHY WE LIKE IT: This hair looks like it should be bouncy and shakable, yet we suspect she sprays it well for on-camera appearances. That only adds to the attractiveness, though. We think there's a touch of teasing on top as well. We were surprised to find in an image search that she used to have a shorter cut and even bangs; she's grown that out splendidly.

SUPER-HAIR? From what we've seen, it is. With occasionally messy bangs no longer an issue, this is a well-constructed style. But we couldn't find any outdoor photos - and we'd love to see how a style like this handles a windy wintry day on Parliament Hill. [Posted 12.9.22]

NAME: Caylee Hammack

WHO IS SHE: Country singer; runner-up in our Cutting-Edge Hair News poll for best hair at the 2022 Country Music Association Awards; selling her own nail polish on her website

HER STYLE: Long and red, with light natural waves

WHY WE LIKE IT: She was a "must-run" for our CMA ballot after her appearance with a group of other ladies. She moved around the stage. She even jumped a little. Yet all that hair stayed in position well. She throws it behind the shoulders when she needs to do it, but the style was up-front on that night with no problems.

SUPER-HAIR? If only she hadn't posed for the song Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) with her hands full of hair. She pushes it into her eyes in a photo without a care. For Hair Fans who do care, it's disappointing. But if you're looking for the successor to Reba McEntire among red-headed country stars, this may be the one. [Posted 11.25.22]

NAME: Rep. Lauren Boebert

WHO IS SHE: Restaurant owner; U.S. Representative in Colorado (re-election unsure as we post this)

HER STYLE: Sidepart stretching shoulder-length or longer, straight or with added waves; we show the Twitter icon which we think is her best length

WHY WE LIKE IT: She's as risky with her style as she is with political comments - kept quite close to the left eye most of the time. Sizzled wave can keep things in line, but don't overlook her glasses as a protective measure.

SUPER-HAIR? This is a call as close as her 2022 political race. We think the left side has leaned in slightly too close a couple of times, so we lean toward saying no because it's apparently dropped in an eye. Before you "at" us: we chose her without any lobbying either way - and this is about hair, not politics. If you think she deserves more support, look around our site for ways to make it happen. [Posted 11.11.22]

NAME:Jennifer Hedger

WHO IS SHE: Evening anchor of SportsCentre on TSN, Canada's version of ESPN

HER STYLE: Medium-long sidepart that's very well styled in-studio with waves and flips

WHY WE LIKE IT: When she's at the desk, the styles seem as solid as the Canadiens' future in Montreal. In other words: not going anywhere. This is a veteran of hair-holding, in the good Phil Kessel sense of the term (look up his name), and she seems to do nothing on-camera to cause any trouble. The only complaint from Hair Fans might be that her programs show too many highlights.

SUPER-HAIR? The styles can be flat and weak-looking at home, but we found nothing showing a full collapse in public. Our call: good hair goal. She's outlasted Kate Beirness in style control - and we firmly believe that if she worked on the other side of the U.S.-Canadian border, she'd be a perennial Crown Award contender. [Posted 10.28.22]

NAME:Madison Alworth

WHO IS SHE: Reporter for Fox Business, acquired from Tampa

HER STYLE: Shoulder to mid-length with abundant natural curls

WHY WE LIKE IT: Not since Daniela Ganoza at Univision have we seen something like this - a national TV journalist with full curls. But unlike Ganoza, this woman seems to enjoy putting those curls close to danger often in live reports. When they're longer, they bounce a lot (not really flexing with extended length) yet somehow stay out of her eyes. She can use her shoulders as a protective wall at times, and might use mousse for hold at the roots.

SUPER-HAIR? Of all things, blame our "no" answer on the United States Football League. A live report from a stadium in the spring ended with her running a bit and catching a pass. Her celebration threw hair in her eyes for a moment. But wow - checking crude oil prices suddenly became a lot more thrilling for Hair Fans. [Posted 10.14.22]

NAME:Megan Telles

WHO IS SHE: TV reporter/anchor in Los Angeles, formerly with Celebrity Page TV

HER STYLE: Normally a mid-length sidepart, although she had a "Hair Talk" poll in early September on switching to a center-part and most voters preferred it

WHY WE LIKE IT: The mini-review of a Hair Fan who suggested her: "Great body and thickness, rich color." The latter seems to vary, but not the first two points. A bit of teasing at the crown and flipped curl at the ends (which we think she adds) help point out the plushness. We think she adds plenty of spray at the top and tips to secure her high-risk looks.

SUPER-HAIR? She's not afraid to place it at the brink on occasion. Yet from what we found, it somehow stayed out of her eyes... until we posted her on this list. Then we found a "tease" of a Hispanic Heritage Month special, where wind blew enough hair narrowly into an eye. But still - her station has an amazing hairstyle lineup, inoluding former City League champions. Thanks for introducing us to a woman who can compete with the best of them! [Posted 9.30.22]

NAME:Meg Donnelly

WHO IS SHE: Actress/singer starring in the new CW drama The Winchesters and Disney's Zombies series; formerly in American Housewife

HER STYLE: Long sidepart which could have several looks, based on previews of the show: loose and straight, as in our promotional photo, or sprayed/molded on one side

WHY WE LIKE IT: Even before she received this role, she seemed to take care about keeping styles in position. She uses her ears for protection at times, but also seems to know how to use spray and waves for moments when she wants to let the hair appeatr carefree. Result: styles that occasionally get close to danger, but don't give in.

SUPER-HAIR? She was downright daring with a ponytail in her 2020 video Impress - but the hair didn't bounce in her eyes, leaving us impressed. Since her new show is billed as a prequel to Supernatural, we're giving her the benefit of the doubt and hoping the drama extends all the way to her roots. [Posted 9.16.22]

NAME: "Anitta" (stage name)

WHO IS SHE: Singer from Brazil; winner of Best Latin Video at the 2022 MTV Video Music Awards

HER STYLE:She seems to have many, but her award-winning look is a long sidepart with waviness (she's shown bangs; perhaps she hid them here)

WHY WE LIKE IT: Curl experts will tell you that moisture is important. She seems to use it not only to enhance the waves, but keep them in line when she performs. We think the style held in place (somehow) during her VMA performance - even though we doubt her wild dancing will get her named Santa Anitta.

SUPER-HAIR? She can wear it dangerously close to defeat - and an image search indeed found a couple of photos where it slipped into her eye. But we think she should show off her hair more and her, well, "hips-don't-lie" less. [Posted 9.2.22]

NAME: Saira Malik

WHO IS SHE: Chief Investment Officer at Nuveen; regular guest on CNBC

HER STYLE: Shoulder-length or longer sidepart with waves which we believe are natural and adjustable

WHY WE LIKE IT: "Deep, rich color, nice thickness," was one Hair Fan's mini-review. But thickness won't keep a hairstyle in line by itself. We think she uses spray and waves for control on-camera (her corporate profile has an example). Our vidcap from an August appearance shows hair that's straighter, longer and riskier in terms of hold.

SUPER-HAIR? She clearly prepares for TV appearances, and we have little to go on besides that. So we'll say yes - adding that it's about time Wall Street had a new "expert" with hair to challenge the business news anchors. [Posted 8.19.22]

NAME: Jerri Tubbs

WHO IS SHE: Actress with small roles in the series Stranger Things and The Walking Dead

HER STYLE: A bit below the shoulders, parted off-center with light teasing; her curls seem natural, but she sometimes goes straight

WHY WE LIKE IT: Subtle lifting makes all the difference here. She combs it back atop the forehead, but not a lot; she might tuck her behind her ears, but you need to get very close to see for sure. The result is a style which looks very natural and free, but has enough room so it stays under control without drooping.

SUPER-HAIR? Her IMDb "demo reel" has one scene where this hair has a wrestling match involving a pole. The hair barely stayed out of her left eye, but it did. We'll give her a qualified yes, and hope some TV or movie producer thinks of her for stronger things. [Vidcap courtesy WFIE-TV; posted 8.5.22]

NAME: Janai Norman

WHO IS SHE: ABC News correspondent; new co-anchor of weekend Good Morning America

HER STYLE: Shoulder-length off-center part; our ABC photo announcing her new position displays natural curls, but she's shown other looks

WHY WE LIKE IT: She wears it loose, but never lets it get out of hand. Our photo seems to show a litle lifting or teasing around the part line, so hair stays away from her face. We sauspect she adds spray as well. She'll use the ears for a guard, if she must.

SUPER-HAIR? While we haven't seen her much in recent years, we're going to say yes. A "welcome to the desk" video in early July had one photo with strands at the very brink of her left eye, but we don't think they dropped in. She has strength in more ways than you might realize, and the curls seem to be among them. [Posted 7.22.22]

NAME: Cassidy Hutchinson

WHO IS SHE: Former aide to U.S. White House Chief of Staff; star witness before House January 6 Committee

HER STYLE: Sidepart stretching slightly beyond shoulders (it's been longer); hint of curl at tips

WHY WE LIKE IT: She worked in a Republican administration, and this is a safe conservative style. Tucked behind the ears, it's not going anywhere. But Hair Fans are left to wonder what might happen if things get unruly. She's not afraid to toss one side behind the shoulders for control, although at this length we don't think that would be very effective.

SUPER-HAIR? It's hard to say, because few public photos exist of her outside the hearing room. One picture, apparently from college, has a soft floating "Breck girl" beauty to it. We're prepared to say yes and give her the benefit of the doubt - even if many Republicans probably don't. [Posted 7.8.22]

NAME: Madison Cain (Johnson)

WHO IS SHE: Singer in the Christian music family group Cain; a preacher's daughter, not to be confused with the daughter of a rock singer

HER STYLE: She's the sister who normally doesn't wear a hat - mid-length or longer with adjustable waves

WHY WE LIKE IT: When the waves are full, they come across as very strong. We can't imagine any gentle breezes stirring it at all. When they're minimal, she's still careful (and probably secret-smart) enough to keep them off her eyes. Tuckbacks with the ears are rare for her.

SUPER-HAIR? We're afraid not. Watch the group's music video Rise Up and you'll see more than a breeze taking on relatively weak waves. There's one sensational close-up moment with hair all around her left eye - but seconds later, it drops. Too bad. The "way of Cain" somehow might endure on Christian radio, but not here. [Posted 6.24.22]

NAME: Cody Renee Cameron

WHO IS SHE: Actress in TV series such as Tosh.O and Mayans M.C.; stuntperson in some movies; motorcycle magazine model

HER STYLE: Based on this current photo from her Instagram feed, mid-length sidepart with adjustable waves

WHY WE LIKE IT: A Hair Fan on our Twitter feed suggested her based on her role in the 2019 movie Devil's Junction. That style is longer and more precise waves, ut sits every bit as close to her eye. In other words, it's perfect for enticing Hair Fans to see a horror movie. Can it stay perfect and hold when under attack? (Our Hair Fan didn't reveal what happens to it!)

SUPER-HAIR? That's the spoiler question - and we must say no. Look up her IMDb profile and you should see why: a shorter style that's in her right eye. But it's certainly attractive - and it's nice to find a woman whose hair does not need a stunt double, because she is a stunt double. [Posted 6.10.22]

NAME: Sofie Dossi

WHO IS SHE: Social media star with millions of YouTube and Instagram followers; perhaps best known to some as the "bendy girl"/contortionist who reached the finals of America's Got Talent in 2016

HER STYLE: Medium-long or longer waves in varying amounts, teased all around the forehead for control

WHY WE LIKE IT: Two words from the Hair Fan who suggested her: "GREAT curls!" We believe they're all-natural - so while they might lose some perfect circles at times, not even windblown moments seem to completely weaken those waves! She's probably the only one on Earth who knows the secret to straightening them out. Happily for curl-lovers, she seems in no mood to do that - but some of her poses make us wonder if she's daring us to try.

SUPER-HAIR? Sadly, no. While she might wrap them around her neck for control, they've fallen into her face on camera more than once. But doesn't it only make sense that a contortionist would have amazing twists and turns in her hair? [Posted 5.27.22]

NAME: Kona Panis

WHO IS SHE: Professional disc golfer, with several tour wins

HER STYLE: This promotional picture shows a mid-length slightly off-center look, with soft but seemingly natural waves

WHY WE LIKE IT: So much depends on her left side, above her eye. It seems straighter than the rest of the style, so we wonder if it was ironed into perfect position. Certainly she uses spray there, right?! The right side might appear more natural at first glance, but a closer look shows rolled curl for control.

SUPER-HAIR? A video on her "start page" indicates she might not spray that left side after all - relying on her shoulders to shake the hair back in a pinch. But when she plays, the hair is safe with a hat and ponytail. We'll give her a qualified yes - but we wish her galleries showed fewer "Kona discs" and more of Kona Panis. [Posted 5.13.22]

NAME: Anouk Hoogendijk

WHO IS SHE: Retired Dutch soccer player; now focusing on commercials and commentary

HER STYLE: Medium-long off-center part; waves added from time to time

WHY WE LIKE IT: The Hair Fan who suggested her gave no explanation. But our photo from her Instagram account shows a left side that almost dares you to reach for it. It's likely light, is certainly soft-looking, yet provides strength to keep the hair from falling in her face - with maybe a little bounce thrown in on windy days.

SUPER-HAIR? While this style is quite neat, our answer is "niet" - the Dutch word for no. She's posed for several photos since leaving the pitch with hair tossed around and down to some degree. Ironically, she played for Ajax - but now her style shots aren't as clean anymore. [Posted 4.29.22]

NAME: Jennifer Lee

WHO IS SHE: Instagram model "jens_going_gray.zy" in Cleveland with more than 84,000 followers; manager of June Bug and the Gypsy holistic health website

HER STYLE: Longish sidepart, but with the emphasis more on a combed-over crown than a part

WHY WE LIKE IT: A Hair Fan suggested her for Best Silver Hair in our Crown Awards, but after the nomination deadline. No explanation was given, but the tension here clearly is on her right side. She must use some kind of spray to make that sweep of the crown stay in line (perhaps under the curve?!). Otherwise, we're stumped by how she does it. The left side often stays secured behind her ear.

SUPER-HAIR? Based on what we could see, we'll say yes. The hair seems to get close to her eye in outdoor poses, but not down. But we challenge her to take on: 1) a breeze along Lake Erie; 2) Ultimate 50 member Jennifer Grey in her prime; or 3) Jenna Lee, who was on this list in 2008. That's admittedly stiff competition, but her combover might be stiff enough to handle it and win. [Posted 4.15.22]

NAME: Elizabeth Stanton

WHO IS SHE: Host of TV series World's Funniest Animals and Great Big World

HER STYLE: Long and (we think) normally straight; waves added on occasion, such as our vidcap

WHY WE LIKE IT: The forehead might make you think her hair is thin and weak, but she knows how to work around such things. One way is with the waves; another way is with the length, allowing her to throw the hair behind her shoulders for safety.

SUPER-HAIR? We're a bit surprised to say this, but we're saying yes. We found no photos of her with a fallen style, which shows she knows something about hair control. Her current job hosting an animal video show is unlikely to create any challenges - unless a dog or cat decides to be ferocious instead of funny. If that moment ever happens, we'll truly pay attention. [Posted 4.1.22]

NAME: Elise Dalby

WHO IS SHE: From her web site - "model, ambassador, founder and social media influencer"; also a former Miss Norway

HER STYLE: Long and practically center-parted; our photo from her Instagram account shows straightness with a hint of layering; curls and bangs appear from time to time

WHY WE LIKE IT: A Hair Fan suggested her for our World Cup, not reaizing her country isn't eligible in 2022. Maybe she should have been orffered at Interzonal time, because we know long blonde locks interest plenty of Hair Fans. She uses sometimes-subtle tricks for control, such as in this photo. A small strip of hair on her right side may be tucked back behind the ear.

SUPER-HAIR? Nope. Her website has one posed picture where the hair is quite messily in her eyes. But it also has pictures of her long hair curled - and if we faced her that way, we'd want to do the messing-up very, very, very slowly. [Posted 3.18.22]

NAME: Nancy Chen

WHO IS SHE: CBS News correspondent

HER STYLE: Shoulder-length or a bit longer with varying curl

WHY WE LIKE IT: She's appeared in a wide range of situations, yet displayed a lot of hair strength. This picture was a calm posed moment outside New York headquarters, yet showing a well-teased cut that we presume is sprayed to stay in line. The big curl at the ends could add some strength as well.

SUPER-HAIR? From what we've seen, we say yes. If someone has evidence to the contrary from her years on local TV in Washington, we'd like to see it. Her care with hair on camera adds to a current lineup of styles on CBS (e.g. O'Donnell, Cordes, Ruffini, Diaz) which seem to be competing for perfection. We think most Hair Fans see absolutely nothing wrong with that. [Posted 3.4.22]

NAME: Christy Winters-Scott

WHO IS SHE: Studio host on Fox Sports and Big Ten Network women's basketball coverage; former star on-court at Maryland; high school coach in Virginia

HER STYLE: Shoulder-length and center-parted, with hints of wave

WHY WE LIKE IT: This is a solid, polished and professional look. She may tuck back a small strip on either side behind her ears, but it's very well disguised. The waves from this vidcap during the Tennessee-Connecticut game add to the sense of thickness and overall control.

SUPER-HAIR? We think so. Other than one curious photo at a podium mic where longer hair almost fell in her right eye, she keeps this style out of trouble impressively. The fact that she focuses on an indoor "Winters" sport helps. To borrow from one team she covers, maybe she has a "Mystics-al" secret to it all. [Posted 2.18.22]

NAME: Nadia Bartel

WHO IS SHE: Model and fashion designer; once married to Australian football star Jimmy Bartel of Geelong

HER STYLE: Mid-length offcenter part, often with waves

WHY WE LIKE IT: She mixes up her styles, but knows how to keep all of them close to trouble yet holding strongly. We prefer the waves because we imagine they'd be more fun to attempt to straighten (and probably very difficult).

SUPER-HAIR? The answer is waiting at the top of her Twitter feed - and it's not good. Some kind of breeze seems to shove hair across her right eye. That's too bad, because styles "down under" don't have to go down to defeat like that. [Posted 2.4.22]

NAME: Jenna Thiam

WHO IS SHE: Model and actress from Belgium, appearing in French-language movies such as Love Affairs: The Things We Say, the Things We Do (pictured; best current vidcap or photo we could use here)

HER STYLE: Long red natural curls; part changes for the occasion

WHY WE LIKE IT: A Hair Fan recommended her for "great color, curls and thickness." That's all on display often - and if that's not enough, she's not afraid to tempt us by placing all that hair at the brink of her eyes. The wind may blow the ends a bit, but somehow the sections around the face stay in line impressively.

SUPER-HAIR? From what we've found, the somewhat-surprising answer is yes. She has decades of experience in the public eye, and she clearly knows how to keep all that hair under control. If any European Hair Fan has proof of a drop, we want to see it - or then again, as exciting as this style can be, maybe we don't. [Photo courtesy IMDb; posted 1.21.22]

NAME: Rachel Zegler

WHO IS SHE: Actress playing a leading role in the movie remake of West Side Story

HER STYLE: Long with a slightly off-center sidepart; usually straight and behind the shoulders, but we think this Twitter photo with a bit of wave is a more enticing look

WHY WE LIKE IT: We first saw her during the American Music Awards, and her careful style had us curious for more. She shows it in the movie, with short runs and twirling dance moves. The hair is in motion, but usually with great control. And if she puts it behind the ears for safety - as they might say in New York: fuhgeddaboutit.

SUPER-HAIR? We root for women with care for styles such as her - but we fear the answer here is no. A couple of pictures on Instagram show her allowing a breeze to blow scattered strands across her eyes. Dramatically steamy, yet too far for us. But can we have the next dance with her, anyway? [Posted 1.7.22]

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