The Hair Fans' Hall of Fame - 2020

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Welcome to a Hall of Fame that is unique for a couple of reasons. It's exclusively online (for now). It honors the women with the best hairstyles of modern times. And everyone in this hall is selected by you, the Hair Fan - both in nominations and voting.

The coronavirus didn't interfere with the Hall of Fame Class of 2020 - and in fact, we had a video-conference to announce the finalists. It led to FIVE new members entering your Hall of Fame:

ERIN GRAY - INDUCTED. We were right to put this model and actress in the Super-Hair "Ultimate 50" years ago, because she coasted to 95-percent support.

ERIN BURNETT - INDUCTED. She wasn't OutFront in the voting, but the news anchor and Crown Award winner received 84-percent backing. She's CNN's first inductee since Rudi Bakhtiar in 2004.

ELIZABETH MONTGOMERY - INDUCTED. The late star of Bewitched scratched enough Hair Fans' itch for classic 1960s-70s styles, as she won a 82-percent majority.

MARINA SIRTIS - INDUCTED. An actress who's famous for Star Trek movies as well as The Next Generation TV series collected 79 percent of your votes, along with praise for "remarkably thick" hair.

DEBORAH NORVILLE. The host of Inside Edition must stay outside the hall for the second time in three years, as 53-percent support left her short of the required two-thirds majority for induction. That percentage dropped from 2018.

The Hall of Fame also has a VETERANS COMMITTEE which evaluates previous nominees. In 2020, the committee agreed on one new member....

VANNA WHITE. The longtime co-host of Wheel of Fortune was a finalist for the Hall in 2017, and a Crown Award nominee before that.

FINAL TOTALS: Gray 18-1, Burnett 16-3, Montgomery 14-3, Sirtis 23-6, Norville 10-9.

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Montgomery, Sirtis photos courtesy IMDb

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