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NAME: Lina Hurtig

WHO IS SHE: Soccer/football player with Swedish national team and Arsenal in English "Super League"; scorer of winning penalty in Sweden-USA Women's World Cup playoff match

HER STYLE: Sidepart that's hyper-short on her left and longer on the right, but not too long

WHY WE LIKE IT: The difference between this short look and Megan Rapinoe's is that while Rapinoe uses color to grab attention, this woman uses length and motion. In most of her photos, it's not noticeable...

...But this vidcap from her winning kick does. The right side is flared a bit - we'd guess with an iron and spray, as there's no place for pins here at all. We're left wondering if the hair might fall in her eyes if completely unfolded. But she clearly takes care to prevent that.

SUPER-HAIR? It might have fallen during her younger years in the Swedish league, when it was longer. But with this current style, we think she has it. It all depends on how often she trims the hair. Can we please risk a yellow card to find out how strong it is? [Vidcap courtesy YouTube/Fox Soccer; Posted 8.11.23]

NAME: Marissa Sheva

WHO IS SHE: Soccer/football player with Irish national team and NWSL Washington Spirit

HER STYLE: Long and usually center-parted and straight

WHY WE LIKE IT: With the look above, it's no-nonsense and probably little extra preparation. The ears and shoulders are used to keep things in line. But it actually was another look that attracted us to her...

...this one, on the pitch in her opening Women's World Cup match against Australia. All her hair created a very thick ponytail with no noticeable flyaways. That made her style "best on ground" to us in that match, and she's not afraid to play around with it for the cameras.

SUPER-HAIR? We were leaning in that direction, until we checked her Instagram feed. A pose wearing a Philadelphia 76'ers top shows a little hair leaning into her left eye. But on good days, we think her locks could match some top models - and at least she's the Queen of Shevas. [Posted 7.28.23]

NAME: Maya Penn

WHO IS SHE: Fashion designer/ entrepreneur/cartoon creator and "environmental activist" based in Atlanta

HER STYLE: Wide natural curls with a deep sidepart, stopping around the shoulders

WHY WE LIKE IT: When she wears pins (perhaps not that often), she does NOT pin the side that you'd expect most women to do. The "vulnerable" side is out there, daring any breeze to come at it. Teasing at the crown seems to be her key to control, along with hidden bangs which come out at critical moments. An occasional head-shake doesn't seem to dislodge a thing.

SUPER-HAIR? She's had some scenes at the absolute brink, but we've found nothing to confirm a drop. Curls like hers can be very strong and firm with the right preparation. She impressively knows what she's doing - using her head both in business and her body. [Posted 7.14.23]

NAME: Priscilla Borrego

WHO IS SHE: TV reporter in Shreveport, LA

HER STYLE: Medium-long center-part; often straight and tight on camera, but a Hair Fan sent us this more "relaxed" look posted for National Selfie Day

WHY WE LIKE IT: That Hair Fan praised her for "very rich dark color, great body, very silky looking" locks. We think the selfie shows that off much better than her in-studio pictures, which seem to have a small headband around the top of her head for security. The "safe mode" has its place, but the free-flow grabs our attention a lot more.

SUPER-HAIR? She seems intent on making sure it is. We found nothing to indicate it's not. So we'll give her a yes - but we'd point out Shreveport is a city filled with great hairstyles. We've shown many of them here through the years. Our photo indicates she's top-level - but maybe her TV look is built to outlast the rest. [Posted 6.30.23]

NAME: Michelle Mackonochie

WHO IS SHE: TV anchor/reporter in Raleigh, NC

HER STYLE: Medium-long or longer, center-parted with seemingly natural yet adjustable waves

WHY WE LIKE IT: When we happened to see a morning "news brief" with her in a booth, we marveled. She displayed larger curls than this vid-cap, yet they looked both playful and potentially precise. This vidcap from a studio setting shows similar plush perfection. The style flexes if she shakes her head a bit (does she add a little spray?), yet still bounces its way back into line without any apparent flaws.

SUPER-HAIR? An enthusiastic yes, based on what we've seen. But we wonder if a shorter, straighter look had weak moments when she did "on-the-job" reports in Maryland early in her career. She was wise to add length and wave to her look in recent years. If only a "Carolina Hurricane" in Raleigh doesn't come along to fight her... [Posted 6.16.23]

NAME: Judy Greer

WHO IS SHE: Actress in many series and movies such as The Thing About Pam; spokesmodel in numerous TV and online commercials, seen here promoting Sonesta Hotels

HER STYLE: Based on this ad, shoulder-length sidepart with light waves - but check her video resume and you'll find it can be less dressy than this

WHY WE LIKE IT: She walks around the hotel with the hair lightly bouncing, but 100% holding. The style is so close to the right eye that we're looking for a flaw, or some potential danger to threaten it. But we suspect the spray on that side is stronger than the video looks.

SUPER-HAIR? Leaning toward saying no. She's had a lot of different styles on screens and red carpets, including some with bangs. But a couple were too close to her eyes for us to think they stayed out of trouble all night. Yet this ad really made us notice her - because she reminds us here of Donna Mills in her prime, about 50 years ago (and sometimes still today). It's hair at the brink of peril, yet seemingly secretly able to handle any challenge. [Posted 5.26.23]

NAME: Kaitlan Collins

WHO IS SHE: CNN anchor, host of polItical town hall meetings (not to be confused with Adelaide TV anchor Kate Collins)

HER STYLE: Medium-long sidepart with added curls

WHY WE LIKE IT: Imagine CNN's Erin Burnett with a few added inches of hair, and you have this woman. There's good body in this style. She seems to rely on the weight of curls for control as a first option for hold, placing the hair close to her right eye as she does. If that doesn't work, she's not afraid to go defensive and use her ears for support.

SUPER-HAIR? We've found no evidence of any drops - not even from the right-wingers who seem to enjoy calling her names. If she's moving permanently away from White House reporting to anchor desk duty, we think this hair will be fine for some time to come. While Donald Trump may consider her "nasty," we don't think her hair is at all. [Posted 5.12.23]

NAME: Tasha Layton

WHO IS SHE: Christian singer; 2010 American Idol contestant; former backup singer for Katy Perry

HER STYLE: Usually like this photo we found on Facebook from a concert - center-parted with stretched waves (which we think she adds) on either side

WHY WE LIKE IT: While we admitedly have not seen her perform in-person, she appears ready for a lot of on-stage movement. The waves likely are sprayed into position, so quick turns will only flex them. We'd say "bounce," but the hair is relatively tight around the head. That can help with control as well.

SUPER-HAIR? After watching a pandemic-era "acoustic" video where a crosswind on her back porch tried to undo it... we say YES! The hair held, staying out of her left eye by an eyelash. It's what might be called in church-speak a "tough love" style. And we can't help thinking about a line in another of this woman's songs: "I was running and running and running..." Are Hair Fans allowed to join God in "chasing and chasing and chasing"? [Posted 4.28.23]

NAME: Bett Shelby

WHO IS SHE: Special Assistant women's basketball coach at Arizona; formerly at West Virginia

HER STYLE: Long with well-prepared waves and flipped-back layers

WHY WE LIKE IT: Not since "Ultimate" Carolyn Peck have we seen hair this stunning on the sidelines in women's hoops. Imagine this look a little wider on each side, and that's what we saw as Arizona was eliminated from the NCAA tournament by Maryland. She's clearly added fluff to her mane since she started at West Virginia, and the result is a perfect-looking style with enough strength for modest movement during games.

SUPER-HAIR? We csn't find any evidence that it's dropped, so we'll give her a very hopeful yes. But we'd love to see this style in a sweaty practice session - especially in Tucson during summer. Could she have both "spin moves" and "beauty"? [Posted 4.14.23]

NAME: Megan Conder

WHO IS SHE: Social media manager for the Arizona resort management company Troon; former pro golfer on lower-level U.S. tours

HER STYLE: Mid-length, parted a bit off-center; apparetly naturally straight, but we say it's best with added waves

WHY WE LIKE IT: A Hair Fan actually found this woman while looking for someone else. We decided it was a good find, because the waves add nice strength and hold. That's especially true on the right side in this vidcap from her Instagram feed. A quick back-and-forth turn to the left brought hair forward, but not much.

SUPER-HAIR? With the waves, it could be. Without them, we don't think so; several photos show wind can blow her style with ease. If she's left the golf tours for good, we may not get a definitive answer. But we hope she uses her social media skills to keep us interested. [Posted 3.31.23]

NAME: Mikayla Roberts

WHO IS SHE: Actress/model based in Los Angeles (as opposed to others with the same name in other cities), who appeared in the Netflix film A Love Song for Natasha

HER STYLE: We say her best look has big natural curls, stopping slightly above her shoulders; occasionally extended to ultra-long braids

WHY WE LIKE IT: If it's not obvious, the Hair Fan who suggested her put it this way: "bouncy natural curls." She shows little sign of using spray or some other means of hold. Instead, she gets a perfect haircut and keeps it in shape. Besides occasional comb-back teasing to clear the face, that's it. The curls might flex, but they're unlikely to droop and fall.

SUPER-HAIR? That's the problem - her "best look" is not what she's normally wearing these days. Her Instagram and TikTok accounts show photos with long braids covering her left eye. Trendy, we suppose. But it's not Super - and not the sort of style Hair Fans probably would want to handle. [Posted 3.17.23]

NAME: Jessie Diggins

WHO IS SHE: U.S. cross country skier who won her country's first individual world championship in late February

HER STYLE: Away from the race course, long and loose with perhaps some natural waves

WHY WE LIKE IT: If she's not racing or in training, she lets the style go - and she knows how to do it. Long thick hair goes behind the shoulders, or gets combed over and thrown to one side. Only for "glamour" moments does she add curl or even put the hair behind her ears.

SUPER-HAIR? While she gets the gold for skiing, we must say no here. Several photos online show all that hair either in an eye or at the very brink. But we'd challenge her to unbraid the hair for upcoming races, and simply protect it with a ski cap like Suzy Chaffee and Lindsey Vonn used to do. That's high-speed style drama that could warm up even the chilliest Hair Fan. [Posted 3.3.23]

NAME: Rose McIver

WHO IS SHE: Actress starring in the TV series Ghosts; previously in the series iZombie

HER STYLE: Mid-length and parted a bit off-center; waves can change from week to week

WHY WE LIKE IT: The waves make this work, in a couple of ways. They're attractive, making Hair Fans long for close-up shots. And they're normally strong and firm, probably locked in with spray. Other than the episode where she bonked her head to establish the plot of the series, this hair doesn't have much dangerous action each week.

SUPER-HAIR? If all we had was Ghosts, we'd say yes. But we admittedly never watched iZombie, and online clips indicate she had wild moments with a wildly different-looking hairstyle there. (Or was it a wig?) We'll give her the benefit of the doubt... scary though that could be. [Posted 2.17.23]

NAME: Natalie Clydesdale

WHO IS SHE: TV news reporter in Oklahoma City; narrow loser in Super-Hair Wars 2023 Round 1

HER STYLE: Medium-long with adjustable waves

WHY WE LIKE IT: "Great color, body and subtle waves," a Hair Fan told us. The body allows the waves to work. But we suspect the subtlety means the style still needs eome support. Our guess (we're open to ideas) is that straight sections near the crown are sprayed.

SUPER-HAIR? After searching quite a bit, she has it - well, so far. She's smart enough to tie her hair back when the Oklahoma wind gets fierce. But she's also shown impressive hold in some outdoor settings where you might not expect it. If only the online searches for her name would get rid of those horse photos. [Posted 2.3.23]

NAME: Sabrina Singh

WHO IS SHE: Deputy Press Secretary with U.S. Defense Department; former Deputy Press Secretary for U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris

HER STYLE: Medium-long and usually straight with bangs which she can place in a couple of ways

WHY WE LIKE IT: The bangs drew us in, even though she apparently brushes them to the side most of the time. Bringing them down across the forehead is a statement that her hair can't be conquered (to use Defense Department language) that easily. The bangs don't seem to be cut that deeply, increasing the risk of trouble in awkward situations - but in her job, that's not likely to happen.

SUPER-HAIR? As long as she keeps the bangs perfectly trimmed, we think so. She's had some very narrow escapes with the sideswept approach. And by the way: are we the only one who thinks this woman looks a lot like Lea Michele? The Michele approach with this style has won three Crown Awards. Sometimes playing "copycat" can be a good thing. [Posted 1.20.23]

NAME: Eva Kaili

WHO IS SHE: Member of the European Parliament from Greece; imprisoned as we write this due to corruption charges involving Qatar

HER STYLE: Medium-long and straight; waves added once in a while

WHY WE LIKE IT: She would be "arresting" for Hair Fans even without the criminal accusations, because she's placed the hair near her eyes without any pins most of the time at the E.U. She uses a variety of tuck-back looks with her ears to adjust her appearance and keep control when required.

SUPER-HAIR? She settled that well before her arrest. Her Instagram icon has hair covering her right eye. We can only imagine what inmates might be doing to it. [Posted 1.6.23]

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