The Hair Fans' Hall of Fame - 2021

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2021 marked year 20 for the Hall of Fame - and it was marked by a record number of new admissions. Thanks to a rule change by our Veterans Committee, NINE new members were inducted in your Hall! Here's how it happened....

Class of 2021

LAURA WRIGHT - INDUCTED. A longtime actress on TV's General Hospital adds a place in the Hall to her list of Crown Awards. She received yes votes from 81 percent of our voters.

LISA WHELCHEL - INDUCTED. Perfection on The Facts of Life sends this actress and singer to the Hall with 78-percent support. "Amazing," one voter wrote.

KAITLIN MONTE - INDUCTED. The biggest ballot surprise for some people was this Houston TV news anchor. A final-week rush put her in with 74-percent backing.

OLIVIA NEWTON-JOHN - INDUCTED. The British-Australian entertainer had some drama, as no votes climbed in the final days - but at the end, she was "the one that I want" (as one voter put it) with the minimum two-thirds support.

BARBRA STREISAND. This was no Funny Girl moment for the veteran entertainer. Only 20 percent of our voters supported her entry, although one person called her styles "legendary."

The Hair Fan's Hall of Fame also has a VETERANS COMMITTEE, which considers candidates offered in the past. The 2021 vote brought a significant rules change: any prior nominee could be considered, whether or not she reached our list of finalists. That led to a record FIVE additional inductees....

STEPHANIE BEACHAM. A British actress who appeared in the 1980s TV dramas The Colbys and Dynasty.

LORIANNE CROOK. A TV host who specializes in country music, and appeared for decades with co-host Charlie Chase.

ROBIN MEADE. The longtime anchor of HLN'a Morning Express newscast and three-time Crown Award winner. She missed the Hall of Fame by one vote twice in the early 2000s - but not this time.

ALICIA MINSHEW. Her mid-length waves on TV's All My Children led her to the Top Ten Tresses list in 2007, then the Super-Hair Wars semifinals in 2011.

STEPHANIE SEYMOUR. A model who came to fame in the 1980s, she's another woman winning committee sympathy after missing the Hall by one vote in 2018.

FINAL VOTE COUNTS: Whelchel 18-5, Wright 17-4, Monte 14-5, Newton-John 14-7, Streisand 4-16

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Streisand photo courtesy Forbes.

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